How to control the testosterone level in females? - Ayurvedic treatment (Ayurveda Specialist)

Dr. Pratibha Jain., BAMS


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Hello doctors,

My patient is a 39 year old female. She is trying to get pregnant. Her testosterone level is increased, and she has hair on her face. Please suggest ayurvedic medicines to control her testosterone levels, so that, she can get pregnant.



    Dr. Demendrakumar Gorelal Thakre
    Ayurveda Specialist

    What are the doshaj signs and symptoms mam

    06.Jun, 10:17am

    Dr. Demendrakumar Gorelal Thakre
    Ayurveda Specialist

    Heat in body sweating , amlapiita, h/o fever like typhoid malaria jaundice
    H/o menstruation _ clots quantity bleeding period
    Abdomonal pain during /before/after cycle etc

    06.Jun, 10:22am

    Dr. Arvind Guru
    General Surgeon

    Why is the testosterone high in her ?
    How do you know it for sure, that this is the only problem she has ?
    How do you know it for sure, that this is the true cause of her not getting pregnant ?

    Shouldn't you just refer the patient for proper scientific evaluation and then treatment?

    06.Jun, 04:23pm

    Dr. Pratibha Jain
    Ayurveda Specialist

    Sir, many of females doesn't get pregnant because of high level of testosterone. she come to me after taking a long treatment from gynecologist , endocrinologist and homeopathy.and yes, she may have any other cause for this but it also necessary to normalised the level of testosterone. so please share your opinion.

    06.Jun, 05:47pm

    Dr. Arvind Guru
    General Surgeon

    In that case, the patient might find ART clinic at Depart OBG, AIIMS very useful. Most likely she has PCOS and is not ovulating.

    06.Jun, 06:20pm

    Dr. Gaurav Mohan Jadhav
    Ayurveda Specialist

    I dont think she get pregnant at this age

    06.Jun, 07:11pm

    Dr. Vaishali Mukesh Gori
    Ayurveda Specialist

    What is height n weight

    06.Jun, 07:22pm

    Dr. M. Kavitha
    Ayurveda Specialist

    You can indicate Prajasthapaka Ausadhi in this case.

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    09.Jun, 11:48am

    Dr. Ishwar Mahadev Yamgar
    Ayurveda Specialist

    Dear dr plz let me know few things is she had any history of proven pregnancy if not then this is a primary infertility we need to evalvuate bith partners
    A) Male factor
    Semen Analysis
    B) Female factor
    1) BMI
    2) Follicular status
    3)Harmonal reports
    4) Hsg report
    5) Any H/O TB/DM/HTN
    6) Menstrual cycle status
    Very imp ask then to have intercourse in fertile periods
    plz provide above information then only we can get sucess in this case
    Thank u

    26.Dec, 12:59pm

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