Skin discoloration (Dermatology)

Dr. Albana Greca., MBBS, MMEDSC


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How to treat this skin discoloration? Why is my patient experiencing this after getting exposed to the sun all the time, even after applying Sunscreen lotion? Thank you.

Thank you.


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    Dr. Mahwish D Abbasi

    Is your patient getting hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation?
    I'm sorry it's unable to figure out from the attached image
    Is it only on sun-exposed areas? Are there any other symptoms?

    13.Jan, 10:22am

    Dr. Albana Greca

    Hello Dr.Mahwish,

    Patient is experiencing hypopigmentation. Only on exposed areas. No other symptoms or diseases.

    Thank you for your input.

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    14.Jan, 07:03pm

    Dr. Mahwish D Abbasi

    Does it just begins and remains as hypopigmentation?
    We could think porphyria cutanea tarda but patient does not have any other symptoms
    The rash does look like tinea but again it's only on sun-exposed areas
    PLE and Solar Urticaria would also not begin just with hypopigmentation but can heal with post-inflammatory hypopigmentation
    Could something in the history be missing from the patient?

    14.Jan, 07:13pm

    Dr. Albana Greca

    So far no, as long as I know. But I already advised sunscreen cream with steroid for 2 weeks.

    Patient Not back yet.

    Thank you again.

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    14.Jan, 07:15pm

    Dr. Mahwish D Abbasi

    Do share the progress when she gets back

    14.Jan, 07:23pm

    Dr. Sornakumar L

    Hi rule out tinea versicolor

    29.Mar, 02:18am

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