Skin lesions over the back and buttocks. (Dermatology)

Dr. Tirumala Setty Praneeth., MBBS


Medical Case Details:

A 22 year old male (lives in a hostel) has back acne and some lesions below both the buttocks, both since three years. Itching is sometimes present over the back, but not on the buttocks. No allergies. Not on any medications. Some lesions are present over the inner aspect of the knees. Can this be due to a vitamin deficiency? Please share your ideas regarding treatment for this case.



    Dr. Sumaiya Jamil
    General Practitioner

    Can it be due to bed bugs ? has he used any medicine before ?How does the lesions appear
    ? it was cystic or pus filled before ?

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    06.Dec, 11:58am

    Dr. Tirumala Setty Praneeth

    Not used any medicines before..
    no itching
    not cystic or pus filled.
    lesions appeared gradually..

    06.Dec, 12:50pm

    Dr. Tirumala Setty Praneeth

    Can you please tell diagnosis, sir?

    06.Dec, 06:11pm

    Dr. Sumaiya Jamil
    General Practitioner

    From the picture it appears more of a comedonal acne .person normally has tendency to develop that .you can give him benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid wash and topical retinoid like retin A
    Retinoid cream and benzoyl peroxide has to be applied o different times

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    06.Dec, 07:47pm

    Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Hassan Shoukat
    Internal Medicine Physician

    No a acne but plugged hair follicles forming black comedones, itching is common especially with heating environment as sweat cant be drained.

    salicylic acid washes are karotolytics , good idea, just ask pt to take bath everyday. improve hygiene and give antihistamines.

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    08.Dec, 08:04am

    Dr. Mohammed Osama Aboborda
    ENT Otolaryngologist

    I'm sorry for interrupting the conversation. Is there any problem with icliniq website? Or the app?

    09.Dec, 08:26pm

    Dr. Mahwish

    From the provided images, it appears to be Keratosis Pilaris which is often associated with xerosis and atopic eczema. The skin of the patient appears very dry, so advise moisturization along with topical retinoids. You may advise ammonium lactate lotion in 12% or salicylic acid lotion in 6% concentration.

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    10.Dec, 03:27pm

    Dr. Suvash Sahu

    I do agree with diagnosis of keratosis pilaris, this is a commoner site after shoulder and arms, will definitely get relief by topical moisturizer and topical retinoids

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    17.Dec, 09:22pm

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