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I have a patient with H.pylori infection. I want to know from your side what will be the correct diet.

Thanks in advance.



    Dr. Shakti Mishra

    Hi doctor,
    Well a h.pylori infection patient should avoid fatty foods.
    They should take food rich in vitamin.A and vit.C.
    * They should be provided with lean protein diet.
    * Fruits are rich in anti oxidants.
    Like strawberries, blueberries.
    * Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, etc.

    01.Apr, 04:47pm

    Dr. Durga Kumari

    Thanks Dr

    01.Apr, 05:07pm

    Dr. Vadivel Kumaran S
    Medical Gastroenterologist

    H.pylori is an infection which can be eradicated with 2 weeks of clarithromycin, Amoxycillin & a proton pump inhibitor.

    02.Apr, 05:26pm

    Dr. Arvind Guru
    General Surgeon

    There is no correct diet for HP per se.
    It is an infection and needs to be Treated.

    Usually treatment is High dose PPI and Antibiotics, (which I suspect the Gastroenterologist who found the HP would have already prescribed)
    If the patient is already on those medications then you can advice any normal, balanced diet (including fruits and veggies). Can add yogurt / probiotics if having diarrhea.

    If the patient had an ulcer because of HP, then avoid Spicy / High fat meals , at-least for 2-3months.

    02.Apr, 05:45pm

    Dr. Akash Kumar
    Family Physician

    I dont think every indian h.pylori patient should be treated with antibiotics unless patient is having gastritis or ulcers with h.pylori proved to be the cause. even if treated h.pylori will be found again after few weeks as it is very common in india.

    03.Apr, 02:21pm

    Dr. Akash Kumar
    Family Physician

    By common i mean h pylori is present everywhere in indian environment and eventualy patient will be infected again within few weeks thats the reason to avoid treatment in asymptomatics .evry 2 out of 3 people in india have h pylori in their stomach.

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    03.Apr, 02:28pm

    Dr. Parth R Goswami

    If Patient Symptomatic than treat with h. Pylori kit containing amoxicillin, clarithromycin and omeprazole... For 10 to 14 days....

    As far as diet concerned gastric irritants avoided... Like excess spicy foods, smoking, stress, non veg fried diet, excess tea and coffee etc..

    High fatty food restricted

    Cooked oatmeal help in soothing

    Green leafy vegetables, fruits, antioxidants rich food beneficial

    Hope this will help

    06.Apr, 07:13pm

    Dr. Ayman Ahmed Darrag

    The best diet for h.pylori is the alkaline diet with high fiber intake, avoiding meat and proteins can help and contribute to an alkaline stomach with reduces the effect of acidity caused by h.pylori

    07.Apr, 12:07pm

    Dr. Shilpa Devanhalli
    Ayurveda Specialist

    Small meals rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin C, E and A. Avoid citrus, caffeine, alcohol, fatty foods and red meat.

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    08.Apr, 11:10am

    Dr. Sandeep Singh
    General Practitioner

    For HP.. The deit is not so specific... Its avoid to foods which stimulate acid production like spicy food, fast food, caffeine etc.. Avoiding these foods lower acid nd help in healing of ulcer...

    08.Apr, 11:03pm

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