Altered consciousness (General Medicine)

Dr. Smit Uttam Janrao., MBBS, MD MEDICINE


Medical Case Details:

A 50 year old female brought by relatives with a history of fever since 5 days, altered behavior since 2 days.
On examination there is icterus and there is tenderness on right hypochondrium without any organomegaly. She is delirious since admission.
Please suggest the differential diagnosis.



    Dr. Pratik Patil

    Differential diagnosis to be entertained.
    Epstein barr virus infection
    Herpes simples virus infection
    Cytomegalovirus infection
    Severe falciparum malaria
    Icteric leptospirosis
    Scrub typhus
    Rickettsial fever

    Wilsons disease
    Right sided heart failure
    Alcoholic liver disease
    Alcoholic encephalopathy

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    03.Sep, 11:34am

    Dr. Amiya Kumar Chattopadhyay

    Hi Amit,
    Probably a case of acute cholangitis with sepsis.
    USG abdomen,Tc,Dc,ESR,CRP, prolactin and blood culture both anaerobic and aerobic.

    12.Oct, 07:06am

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