Does dark chocolate reduce blood pressure? (General Medicine)

Dr. Purva Jingar., BDS


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Dark chocolates are the ones which can reduce blood pressure. Once I tried it with my father. I was a 12th class student and had recently heard about the goodness of dark chocolates. I asked my dad to buy a bar of dark chocolate from a bakery and he bought that for himself. It was really bitter in taste but he ate it for 3-4 days only and his BP was lowered from 149/90 to 125/82.

When I showed it to my family doctor, he appreciated me.

My dad takes this chocolate during morning hours only after breakfast. And now he is still normal. Whenever he finds a raise In BP, he takes a bite of chocolate, but just a bite and not the whole chocolate.

Any comments please.

Dr. Purva Jingar



    Dr. Rahul Rathee
    General Medicine Physician

    well a few clinical studies shows that the COCOA ( present in dark n other chocolates ) does infact reduces blodd pressure in hypertensive patients but the effect is too low to replace medications ( anti-hypertensives ) .... a study showed that a square of dark chocolate consumed daily for 5-6 months did reduced the blood pressure to a minor extent,without causing any weight gain....but the bottom line is that if a person is hypertensive thn giving only dark chocolates and no medication is not the right thing to do and one more fact , it does not reduces blood pressure in normotensive persons....
    take care dear
    dr rahul

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    28.Mar, 09:00pm

    Dr. Purva Jingar

    Thank you Dr Rahul. =

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    28.Mar, 09:03pm

    Dr. Purva Jingar

    Thank you Dr. Ramesh.

    29.Mar, 08:27am

    Dr. Rahul Rathee
    General Medicine Physician

    U r always welcome purva !!

    29.Mar, 07:43pm

    Dr. Akash Kumar
    Family Physician

    Not much studies have been done but few done have shown slight reduced blood pressure specialy in hypertensives.should not be substituted for antihypertensive medicines.

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    30.Mar, 04:51pm

    Dr. Vadivel Kumaran S
    Medical Gastroenterologist

    Medications for hypertension are not given for a momentary control of hypertension. Sustained salt restriction to 4gms/day, lifestyle modification & meds are needed to prevent endovascular damage.

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    02.Apr, 05:32pm

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