Chronic eczema (Homeopathy)

Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali., BHMS


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60 yrs lady having scaling discharging eczema since 7 8 yrs.somtimes she has redness with discharge itching and scaling.Her brother had also same complaint.


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    Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali

    Her complaint get better by homeopathic medicines other wise she had whole leg with scaling redness.Want expert's opinion for this.

    15.Sep, 02:05pm

    Dr. Abeer
    General Practitioner

    Hi, for eczema, topical steroid cream application needed for two to three weeks. Hydrocortisone cream is good one. Side effects of steroid like thinning of skin, bone weakness , vitamin D deficiency etc should be explained as this may be needed more than one times.
    Apply lipid based ointment as moisturizer like Dermive lotion twice a day.
    Always maintain moisture by applying non fragrant lotion like Eucerin, Cerave, Aquaphor, Cetaphil.
    No hot water bath.
    Hope that relieves.

    16.Sep, 10:39pm

    Dr. Potnuru Srinivaasa Sudhakar
    Homeopathic Physician

    Hello,Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali., good evening.
    Have you given any homoeopathic medicine for her. Weather it is weeping eczema or dry eczema? what about itching, at what time it is more, is there is any thermal modalities or any reactions, since how many days she is suffering, what is the past history like any respiratory disorders. Please give detailed information. thanking you

    18.Sep, 06:48pm

    Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali

    Yes I m giving graphitis 1m n psorinum 1m alternately.
    rhus tox 30 when she has redness itching n discharge little bit.
    no special time agaravation
    no past history of anything
    knee joints pain she has with eczema.
    she has since 7 8 yrs

    18.Sep, 07:23pm

    Dr. Potnuru Srinivaasa Sudhakar
    Homeopathic Physician

    Hello, Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali
    Because she is having scales with eczema, please try PETROLEUM 200, may give relief to her.

    18.Sep, 09:00pm

    Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali

    I gave her petro in 30 potency
    will try 200

    19.Sep, 11:18am

    Dr. Potnuru Srinivaasa Sudhakar
    Homeopathic Physician

    Hello, Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali

    Ok it is better to give high potency for skin complaints.

    19.Sep, 07:13pm

    Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali

    OK thank you sir.

    19.Sep, 07:43pm

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