Need homeopathy treatment recommendation for fibroid. (Homeopathy)



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I need homeopathy drug suggestions for my aunt, who has a fibroid. The fibroid is said to be small in size, but I do not have the exact measurement of this fibroid.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.



    Dr. Sheetal Kamble

    Homeopathy remedies are prescribed based on complete patients history which includes physical,mental. and emotional state of an individual. Kindly describe her emotional state in detail.

    17.Jul, 08:37pm

    Dr. Isaac Gana

    She is 40 years of age and recently got married. She is physical, mentally, and emotionally stable. She has no other issues or what so ever. Thanks

    17.Jul, 08:46pm

    Dr. Mohsin Khan
    Homeopathic Physician

    Hi, as there is many homeopathic remedy, for a specific remedy we need a complete case history, but u can starts with this homoeopathic drug in the form of mother tincture i.e Fraxinus Americana, it is a widely spoken remedy for uterine fibroids, use 10 drops thrice in a day.

    17.Jul, 10:09pm

    Dr. Hetal Dinesh Jariwala
    Homeopathic Physician

    Hello Dr. Issac Gana, to be frank, Homoeopathy is based on nature's law of cure, which is holistic approach for case taking, individualizing the patient and then accordingly, the remedy is selected to get beautiful results.
    If you just ask for a specific medicine in a way as other Homoeopath replied, it will be cured for a while, but it will again re-appear.
    So, advice from my side will be that, you have a systematic consultation with a homoeopath, let the patient talk (as words of patients are very important for homoeopathic treatment), to get good results.

    Take care :)

    18.Jul, 10:19am

    Dr. Anand Rao Mengji
    Homeopathic Physician

    Dear Dr.Isaac Gana

    homoeopathic treatment for fibroids requires a constitutional approach and you need to take the case with all the symptoms and modalities and mentals. better approach a good homoepath. he can help you out. or you can connect with us online at www.vitalhomoeopathy.com

    18.Jul, 10:55am

    Dr. Potnuru Srinivaasa Sudhakar
    Homeopathic Physician

    Dear Dr.Isaac Gana,
    Few homeopathic medicines used in treating fibroids are
    Calcarea Carbonica
    Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris
    Trillium Pendulum
    Fraxinus Americana
    These are just a very few medicines, homeopathic treatment helps in achieving.
    To arrest the further development of the fibriods and to shrink them naturally.
    It avoids the surgery leaving the utreus and ovaries intact .
    Fraxinus Americana can be given in the form of MOTHER TINCTURE helps to reduce of appearance fibroids, why because it is my practical experience regarding treatment of small fibroids. THANK YOU DOCTOR.

    19.Jul, 12:31pm

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