Possible treatment of mouth ulcer (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Vijay Kumar Kumawat., MBBS


Medical Case Details:

28 yr male having mouth ulcer (Apthous ulcer) what is possible treatment.



    Dr. Albana Greca


    If not chronic, and just recently found, we usually prescribe:
    - glycerin of borax or oral methylen blue
    - diclophenac oral spray for the pain
    - antacids
    - drink plenty of water
    - avoid spicy/acidic foods/drinks

    But first should determine the cause:
    - anything too hot consumed?
    - any acid or other corrosive liquid intake?
    - stomach issues?
    - virus?
    - any compromised immune system?

    Hope this helps

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    17.Jun, 03:19pm

    Dr. Vijay Kumar Kumawat

    Thanks Dr. Albana

    18.Jun, 11:48am

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