COVID-19 Prophylaxis (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Baratu Bhaisara., MBBS, MD (PEDIATRICS)


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What is the recommended Prophylaxis for COVID-19 suspected patients? Please share your experience outside India. I would like to know more about the preventive measures taken. Thanks.



    Dr. Peter Grutas

    Hello! Here in the Philippines, there are no prophylactic medication yet approved for the prevention of COVID-19. The measures that we are doing in the prevention of COVID-19 includes social distancing, proper cough etiquette, hand washing and soon, mass testing. How about in your country?

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    23.Mar, 05:38pm

    Dr. Baratu Bhaisara

    We have increased testing, prophylactic HCQ for HCP and COVID 19 suspects.

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    24.Mar, 07:52am

    Dr. Soheel Hussain Zargar

    Do you think that tropical climate influences the spread of corona infection.

    24.Mar, 05:28pm

    Dr. Seyedaidin Sajedi

    We prescribe HCQ 400mg BD for day 1 and then 400mg weekly for 3 weeks just for high risk (diabetic/ pulmonary disease/ immune compromised/ Cardiac disease/ BMI >40 ) cohabitant of the confirmed COVID cases whom are under self-quarantine and are responsible for giving care to COVID cases in their home.

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    26.Mar, 12:24am

    Dr. Subhash Kashyap

    In india no prophylaxis is advised. only prepration . but media reports of some drugs being effective has results in patients coming with toxicity to those drugs.

    27.Mar, 10:18am

    Dr. Albana Greca

    In Albania the same, just social distance, hygienic measures, and we encourage strengthen immunity by increasing vit C ; gargle with warm water and salt. Medications are given to hospitalized patients. We hope the best for all.

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    30.Mar, 02:19am

    Dr. Nancy Malik

    Conventional medicine has vaccines as preventive for a given disease condition. For Corona virus disease (COVID), there is no such vaccine available as of now. One needs to turn to Homeopathy for prophylactic medicine. Outside India, homeopathic medicine Camphora 1M has been tried on patients but I am not aware of its results.
    In general, good immunity will help. Food items that will help in building immunity are garlic, curd, probiotics, vitamin C, etc.

    02.Apr, 08:06pm

    Dr. Ankush Jairath

    *Corona Virus Prophylaxis*
    *Adults *
    1. Tab . Chloroquine 500 mg weekly or hydroxy chloroquine 400 mg weekly (max of 7 weeks)
    2. Tab Zinc 20 mg daily
    *Children *
    1. Chloroquine syp 8.3 mg kg ( weekly )
    2. Zinc 10-20 mg daily
    We all should consider taking above prophylaxis as there is no harm, but can be very useful if it works

    08.Apr, 11:40pm

    Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmed

    Hi. Good day to everyone. There’s no approved medication which can be used as prophylaxis. In Some areas HCQ chloroquine phosphate alone or with Azithromycin is being used. There are also reports of toxicity with prolonged QT interval. Some trials are on going for it.In Brazil a trial on 400 patients was going on and it was called off early because of heart issues. Remdesivir is showing some good results in severe COVID 19. Still preventive distancing isolation washing hands and other precautions are the best way to prevent it. I feel wearing mask definitely decreases the chances. Thanks

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    15.Apr, 03:55am

    Dr. Deepti Jakhmola

    Hello everyone. As of now no medicine or vaccine is said to treat this it's better to strengthen immune system by having turmeric milk, herbal tea, application of coconut oil to nostrils, use of some spices like cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom etc. These are natural immunity boosters and have other health benefits also. social distancing, use of mask, hand hygiene remain important lifestyle methods to prevent the spread.

    23.Apr, 03:58pm

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