34 weeks pregnant lady with amniotic band on USG. (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

Dr. Nazma Parveen., M.B.B.S


Medical Case Details:

A 34 weeks pregnant lady has been diagnosed with amniotic band on USG. She also has gestational diabetes and is on Metformin. Is c/ s a safe option for her in this case?



    Dr. Potnuru Srinivaasa Sudhakar
    Homeopathic Physician

    Dear Doctor Parveen, Good morning,

    Once band formed no one can help. Some times these bands may cause the amputation of the fingers, wrist, ankle and other small joints.

    Exactly where the band formed? The procedure depends upon the site of band formation. Only thing is wait until full term is the solution. Some times lungs may not developed due to this band.

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    05.Jan, 08:03am

    Dr. Prabha Ranjan
    Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

    Yes...i agree with dr sudhakar

    05.Jan, 10:48am

    Dr. Nazma Parveen
    General Practitioner

    A thin amniotic band and a thick septum in the lower uterine segment. Foetal parts not involved in the band.

    05.Jan, 10:51am

    Dr. Potnuru Srinivaasa Sudhakar
    Homeopathic Physician

    Hello Doctor Nazma Parveen.,
    32 to 34 weeks the toughest period for gestational diabetes. They may develop insulin resistance. So insulin resistance increases and levels worsen again. progesterone level increases and insulin resistance rises. GTT become positive, and rapid growing of the baby which making placenta making work harder and push out more insulin blocking hormones.
    so in this condition I suggest you to go for c/s.

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    05.Jan, 06:44pm

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