Placenta at 15 mm - Is it a matter of concern? (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)



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I would like to know that if the patient has placenta at 15 mm from the internal os at 22 weeks and single umbilical artery, then is it a matter of concern?

Is 15 mm distance appropriate or is it low-lying?


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    Dr. Neha Singh Rathod
    Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

    Hi Dr. Honey, very interesting case, regarding the placental localisation, there's nothing to worry about, as the placenta migrates at the rate of.0.1mm/week when the placental edge is covering the os and will definitely move up.
    Single umbilical artery as known, is a most common umbilical abnormality effecting about 1:100 to 1:500 pregnancy, it's a matter of concern and not an alarming sign and will need further investigation

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    30.Jun, 10:08am

    Dr. Jimesh H Mavani
    Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

    If it is just reaching up to Internal OS and 15mm away from it at 22 weeks without any episode of bleeding than it is mostly not to worry. But if any episode of bleeding till now than that is something to be taken care of and require rest. As placenta is posterior and 15mm away from IO. It will no matter of concern as the pregnancy advances.
    But do individualize patient and counsel the patient and relative accordingly. And if only single umbilical artery than do rule out Gestational diabetes by GTT. In that also sometimes placenta is bigger than normal and do reach near IO.

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    30.Jun, 10:08am

    Dr. Meeta Airen
    Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

    Hello Dr Honey,
    Placental location 15 mm from the os at 22 wks is not worrisome as in most of the cases it will progress upwards. As of single umbilical artery , you investigate her thoroughly for congenital anomalies and be vigilant for IUGR and fetal demise.

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    30.Jun, 10:31am

    Dr. Purushottam Sah
    Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

    At 15.0mm away from internal OS the placenta at 22 weeks may migrate upwards as the pregnancy advances, if there is no bleeding then it is low risk at present, but will need rescan in 3rd trimester. Regarding single umbilical artery in about quarter of cases there may be congenital abnormality of the fetus, as level 2 ultrasound anomaly scan doesn't show any abnormality, most probably it is not of much concern as most babies with single UA are born normal..

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    30.Jun, 10:32am

    Dr. Sunita Kothari
    Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

    Hello dear user placenta is away from the internal OS by. 5mm, nothing to worry, because as pregnancy advances uterus also increase in length and width and this distance of placenta from internal OS also increases, so at this stage you can do some safety measures like thatii there should not be constipation, and not hold urine for long to avoid pressure on uterus as bladder and rectum are situated above and below the uterus, and avoid wt lifting sex, at time of labor pain position of baby should be by vertex means head down then no problem but if it remains same then advised LSCS

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    30.Jun, 10:37am

    Dr. R Balakrishnan Menon
    Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

    Hi Dr. Honey, How are you doing ?
    Placental location is not a concern at this early gestation. As this is not a central placenta completely covering os, it will surely migrate to upper segment. As it in the posterior segment & hopefully the uterus has no scar of myomectomy etc, chances of migration is high. Even if the placenta does not fully migrate to upper segment, all that matters will be if the head at term descends below the placenta. If placenta , as it is posterior, is significantly low the diameter of engagement will be compromised & you will have to take a decision of CS .
    As scan has already ruled out renal & cardiac anomalies, all you will need is follow up. Look out for sequential growth. Baby may be prone for growth restriction for no reason. Baby will reach term if no other problems arise. After crossing 28-30 weeks closer & frequent monitoring with doppler will be good for monitoring .
    Hope I have been helpful in management & all the best

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    30.Jun, 10:49am

    Dr. Honey Arora

    Thanks all for the useful information..
    Can you please tell that the patient should go for chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis to rule out any abnormalities related to single umbilical artery?


    30.Jun, 10:52am

    Dr. R Balakrishnan Menon
    Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

    Hi again,
    had there been any significant anomalies or any confusion about any diagnosis, then having such an investigation would be warranted. Invasive procedures like CVS & Amnio carries it's own risk. Now baby has no risk if left alone, then why put the baby at risk by such procedures. If you are expecting a genetic problem, the first proof against it is absence of any significant abnormality till now & adequate growth till date.
    I would say only wait , watch & monitor. She may lose baby not due to the single umbilical artery , but due to the invasive procedure
    All the best

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    30.Jun, 10:59am

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