Sub chorionic hematoma measuring 0.6*0.4 cms (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

Dr. Priyanga Kesavan., B.D.S


Medical Case Details:

Ultrasound results:
sub chorionic hematoma measuring 0.6*0.4 cms

Is this really a dangerous one to have a serious look??
Patient was advised with progesterone and 2 hcg injection 2 weeks.
should this condition be more considered??



    Dr. Ajeet Singh

    No...it is a common ultrasound finding in first trimester.
    Absolute bed rest,restriction of bending and climbing stairs,intake of citrous fruits(due to vitamin C content),progesterone tablets,HCG needs to be advised.
    Repeat USG after 15 days.

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    21.May, 09:05am

    Dr. Jeffrey Dale Hoffman
    General Practitioner

    I would have the ultrasound repeated in 6 weeks, as long as you have no pain or cramping....most of these resolve spontaneously

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    24.May, 05:19am

    Dr. Vijay Kumar Kumawat

    Hi Dr Priyanka, its common in first trimester.
    1. Complete bed rest
    2. No sternous work load.
    3. progesterone and hCG
    4. follow up usg after 4-6 week

    16.Jun, 06:05pm

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