Acute onset Weakness of Lower limb (Proximal muscles weakness) (Paediatrics)

Dr. Baratu Bhaisara., MBBS, MD (PEDIATRICS)


Medical Case Details:

A 9-year-old boy visited my clinic with a history of lower limb weakness. The weakness has been present since 10 days with associated pain.

CPK and DMD Negative. What is the probable diagnosis?



    Dr. Ravi Kiran Ch

    It could be Gullian Barr syndrome

    17.Aug, 06:09pm

    Dr. Baratu Bhaisara

    Yes,But only strenge thing is ,there is no prior history of cough ,cold or fever.No sensory involvement.DTR well preserved.

    17.Aug, 06:22pm

    Dr. Agatha

    Could also be poliomyelitis

    17.Aug, 06:28pm

    Dr. Diana Thamby Ebenezer
    Child Health Specialist

    Could be Anterior Horn Cell disease - Poliomyelitis & also ADEM

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    17.Aug, 11:50pm

    Dr. Anuj Gupta

    GBS usually starts from distal and then progress proximally. polio is a very rare condition now a days but still possible. proximal muscle myopathy could be because of many reasons. get his vitamin D . ask for any steroid intake. what is the condition in these 10 days. is it improving, same or deteriorating?

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    19.Aug, 09:20pm

    Dr. Tuncay Gündüz

    Differential diagnosis includes,
    1- spinal cord pathologies; transverse myelitis, infectious myelitis, spinal cord compressive pathologies.
    2- multiple sclerosis
    3-polyradiculoneuropathies, GBS, infectious radiculopathies

    26.Aug, 10:51am

    Dr. Riazahmed Syed Syed
    Child Health Specialist

    Need much explanation of the weakness- eg proximal vs distal, gait, co-ordination and ataxia, Romberg sign, Gower sign , disability score , climbing stairs, walking tip-toe, pain etc. You said pain?? where exactly is it. Is he limping with pain? Anton's gait? Is it hip problem ? inflammatory markers. Doesn't give a clue of LMN or even UMN if pain is jeopardizing his disability and to rule out joint problems or bones.

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    26.Aug, 02:05pm

    Dr. Benedit Regi

    Transverse myelitis

    04.Oct, 06:35pm

    Dr. Jalal Uddin

    Multiple sclerosis
    Transverse myelitis

    28.Oct, 03:36am

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