Fever in 9 month old (Paediatrics)

Dr. Shakti Mishra., B.P.T, M.P.T


Medical Case Details:

A 9 month old baby is having fever with 102degrees, consulted doctor said to take crocin (1.5ml).
And told to wait for observation.
What should be the next set of corona to be taken?
Should the baby be taken to doctor immediately or wait.



    Dr. Albana Greca


    The baby might have virosis. Wait for fever to get down. If not after 3 days should check again. Sometimes, ear infection can give the same symptoms.

    Keep well hydrated. Give water with oral rehydration salts and juice.

    Apply nasal saline solution if blocked or congested nose.

    Hope this helps.

    04.Feb, 03:49pm

    Dr. Shakti Mishra

    Thank u doctor

    04.Feb, 06:52pm

    Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali

    Give biochemic combination no 11 of Homeopathic medicines.

    04.Feb, 10:40pm

    Dr. Parth R Goswami


    It could be upper respiratory tract viral infection.

    Hydration should be maintained and sos anti pyretic can be prescribed.

    If no improvement in 3-5 days than CBC can be done and further physical examination needed.

    Hope this will help

    05.Feb, 10:44pm

    Dr. Sumaiya Jamil
    General Practitioner

    with fever what other symptoms
    is she taking milk ?
    is she vomiting after taking milk ?
    is her nose blocked ?
    crying too much?
    For now give her crocin and Advil every 6 hours alternately. if its too high we can give suppository.
    Ask mother to give milk and water regularly she should not get dehydrated also if its too high try lukewarm water sponging. and we can observe for 2 to 3 days and then can treat accordingly

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    06.Feb, 01:09pm

    Dr. Shakti Mishra

    Only cough n fever..
    Thank you all once again

    06.Feb, 03:55pm

    Dr. Vishal Parmar

    I think it's incomplete history

    if only fever n cough

    they keep hydration, sos crocin

    watch respiratory symptoms

    if child refuse to take orally n irritable or if fever not subsided within 3 to 4 day then go to Pediatrician and do blood report accordingly.

    16.Feb, 01:57pm

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