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According to the Indian Pediatric Association, the number of vaccinations for a child from birth is modified every year. Can anyone let me know what the recently modified vaccination chart for a child is? Any help will work. Thank you all.



    Dr. Sajeev Kumar
    Child Health Specialist

    I. IAP recommended vaccines for routine use
    Age (completed VaccinesCommentswks/mo/y)Birth BCG Administer these vaccines to all newborns before hospital dischargeOPV 0Hep-B 16 weeks DTwP 1DTP:IPV 1 • DTaP vaccine/combinations should preferably be avoided for theHep-B 2 primary seriesHib 1 • DTaP vaccine/combinations should be preferred in certain specificRotavirus 1 circumstances/conditions onlyPCV 1 • No need of repeating/giving additional doses of whole-cell pertussis (wP) vaccineto a child who has earlier completed their primary schedule with acellular pertussis(aP) vaccine-containing productsPolio:• All doses of IPV may be replaced with OPV if administration of the former is notfeasible• Additional doses of OPV on all supplementary immunization activities (SIAs)• Two doses of IPV instead of 3 for primary series if started at 8 weeks, and 8 weeksinterval between the doses• No child should leave the facility without polio immunization (IPV or OPV), ifindicated by the scheduleRotavirus:• 2 doses of RV1 and 3 doses of RV5• RV1 should be employed in 10 and 14 week schedule, instead of 6 and 10 week• 10 and 14 week schedule of RV1 is found to be far more immunogenic than existing6 and 10 week schedule10 weeks DTwP 2Rotavirus:IPV 2 • If RV1 is chosen, the first dose should be given at 10 weeksHib 2Rotavirus 2PCV 214 weeks DTwP 3Rotavirus:IPV 3 • Only 2 doses of RV1 are recommended at presentHib 3 • If RV1 is chosen, the 2nd dose should be given at 14 weeksRotavirus 3PCV 36 months OPV 1Hepatitis-B:Hep-B 3 • The final (third or fourth) dose in the HepB vaccine series should be administeredno earlier than age 24 weeks and at least 16 weeks after the first dose9 months OPV 2MMR:MMR-1 • Measles-containing vaccine ideally should not be administered before completing270 days or 9 months of life• The 2nd dose must follow in 2nd year of life• No need to give stand-alone measles vaccineTyphoid:9-12 months Typhoid •Currently, two typhoid conjugate vaccines, Typbar-TCV and PedaTyph available inConjugate Vaccine Indian market• PedaTyph is not yet approved; the recommendation is applicable to Typbar-TCV only• An interval of at least 4 weeks with the MMR vaccine should be maintained whileadministering this vaccine• Should follow a booster at 2 years of age
    INDIAN PEDIATRICS787 VOLUME 51__OCTOBER 15, 2014INDIAN ACADEMYOF PEDIATRICSIMMUNIZATION SCHEDULE, 201412 months Hep-A 1Hepatitis A:• Single dose for live attenuated H2-strain Hep-A vaccine• Two doses for all killed Hep-A vaccines are recommended now15 months MMR 2MMR:Varicella 1 • The 2nd dose must follow in 2nd year of life PC Vbooster • However, it can be given at anytime 4-8 weeks after the 1st dose during 2nd yearVaricella:• The risk of breakthrough varicella is lower if given 15 months onwards16 to 18 months DTwP B1/DTaP B1 • The first booster (4th dose) may be administered as early as age 12 months, provided atIPV B1, Hib B1 least 6 months have elapsed since the third dose.DTP:• First and second boosters should preferably be of DTwP• Considering a higher reactogenicity of DTwP, DTaP can be considered for the boosters18 months Hep-A 2 • 2nd dose for killed vaccines; only single dose for live attenuated H2- strain vaccine2 years Typhoid booster • Either Typbar-TCV® or Vi-polysaccharide (Vi-PS) can be employed as booster;• Typhoid revaccination every 3 years, if Vi-polysaccharide vaccine is used• Need of revaccination following a booster of Typbar-TCV® not yet determined4 to 6 years DTwP B2/DTaP B2Varicella: OPV 3 Varicella 2 • 2nd dose can be given at anytime 3 months after the 1st doseTyphoid booster10 to 12 years Tdap/TdTdap: HPV • Tdap is preferred to Td followed by Td every 10 yearsHPV:• Only 2 doses of either of the two HPV vaccines for adolescent/pre-adolescent girls aged9-14 years• For girls 15 years and older, and immunocompromised individuals 3 doses are recommended• For two-dose schedule, the minimum interval between doses should be 6 months.• For 3 dose schedule, the doses can be administered at 0, 1-2 (depending on brands)and 6 months

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    Dr. Shakti Mishra

    Thank u so much doctor

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