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A Skin Case, posted by Dr.Sandhya under Dermatology
A 60 year old female with a previous history of type 2 DM, systemic hypertension and dyslipidemia on treatment complains of hypopigmented macules along the hairline and scalp, since the past 2 years. No associated pain, scaling or itching. She ... View thread »


Dr.Omnath Alvoor
Fungal infection , posted by Dr.Omnath Alvoor under Ayurveda Specialist
27 years old male, having extreme itching and presence of a powdery substance in the inner thighs and scrotum. itching gets worsened with sweating and area seems to be inflamed due to itching. i request your opinion in diagnosis and remedy ... View thread »


Dr.Omnath Alvoor
Fungal infection, posted by Dr.Omnath Alvoor under Dermatology
A 27 year old male has extreme itching and the presence of a powdery substance in the cremaster area and the scrotum. The itchiness gets worsened with sweating and the area is inflamed because of constant itching ... View thread »


Dr.Jagan Satyendraprasad Mazmudar
Vascular abnormality on face of a newborn. Port-wine stain. Is it Sturge-Weber syndrome?, posted by Dr.Jagan Satyendraprasad Mazmudar under Paediatrics
The tone and sucking are good. No other congenital abnormality is seen. The plan is Ophthalmic examination, and watch for a delay in milestones or seizure. If delayed milestones or seizure, then immediate MRI. Otherwise, MRI at the age of 6 months ... View thread »


Dr.Honey Arora
Metastatic NSCLC Stage 4, posted by Dr.Honey Arora under Medical oncology
A patient (age 56 years and weight 70 kg) has been diagnosed with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Stage 4 with primary tumor in his Left Upper Lobe and metastasis in Liver and Bone. The biopsy report has confirmed it to be adenocarcinoma. He ... View thread »


Dr.Sheetal Kamble
Are there any side effects of repeated MRI brain scanning?, posted by Dr.Sheetal Kamble under Radiology
I came across a patient, who went through repeated MRI brain scanning approximately 5 to 6 times in three months. This scanning was for research purpose. He is a healthy young man. My question is, does such frequent scanning of the brain have any ... View thread »


Dr.Honey Arora
PCOD and Infertility., posted by Dr.Honey Arora under Ayurveda Specialist
Hello, I have a friend who is 31 years old has PCOD, and she is unable to conceive. She is not compliant with allopathic medications and wants to try Ayurvedic treatment. I would like to know if there is an ayurvedic treatment for infertility due ... View thread »


Dr.Ishwar Chandra Rai
Ayurvedic medicines for Gynecomastia patient, posted by Dr.Ishwar Chandra Rai under Ayurveda Specialist
Hello Doctors/Vaidyas, In a gynecomastia patient, which kinds of ayurvedic medicines will you suggest? Kindly share your clinical experiences or possible ayurvedic medications. Thank you ... View thread »


Dr.Isaac Gana
Need homeopathy treatment recommendation for fibroid., posted by Dr.Isaac Gana under Homeopathy
Hi, I need homeopathy drug suggestions for my aunt, who has a fibroid. The fibroid is said to be small in size, but I do not have the exact measurement of this fibroid. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks ... View thread »


Dr.Deepthi Maringanti
Endemic goiter in a child, posted by Dr.Deepthi Maringanti under Endocrinology
A 10 year old girl presented with a diffuse thyroid enlargement. She is a resident of an endemic area for goiter and fluorosis. Her thyroid profile shows TSH and T3 levels to be within normal limits, but her T4 levels are marginally high. Does she ... View thread »