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Discuss Medical Cases (For Doctors)

Discuss medical cases and clinical scenarios within "Doctors" of iCliniq. All within Doctor-2-Doctor closed iCliniq network. Recognize rare medical conditions and sharpen your medical knowledge and keep your brain sharp.

Dr.Chandra Shekhar
About line of management , posted by Dr.Chandra Shekhar under General Medicine
A 60 year old male presented with generalized anasarca with respiratory distress, conscious cooperative PR-130, RR -40, BP 160/100, SPO2 - 90 and TLC 26000 , PH 7.12 , PCO2 80, PO2 55, HCO3 33. What to do next and what is the line of management ... View thread »

Dr.Ashish Kumar
Gynecological disorder, posted by Dr.Ashish Kumar under Obstetrics and Gynaecology
A female of 22 years age, unmarried, having amenorrhea since two years with abdominal discomfort and sometimes pain in the lower abdomen. How do we proceed with the treatment ... View thread »


Dr.Ashish Kumar
Anorectal disorder, posted by Dr.Ashish Kumar under Ayurveda Specialist
The patient is having a complaint of some discharge from the perianal region without pain from six months ... View thread »


Dr.Mohammed Parvez
A 24 years old with End Stage Liver Disease, portal hypertension, massive ascites, complaints of palpitations and lethargy ... View thread »


Dr.Nazma Parveen
What is the condition in which a person has erection for more than four hours. It is not painful and only happens when the patient is aroused. I don't think it's priapism. Any ideas ... View thread »


Dr.Adnan A Al Aloul
A 74 year old female patient with no prior medical illness presents to a general practitioner with abdominal pain, alternating diarrhea and constipation, without any visible blood, slight weight loss (3 kg in two months), good appetite, and fatigue ... View thread »


Dr.Uphar Gupta
Recently I encountered a patient with rheumatic mitral stenosis with tetralogy of Fallot. I found only a few such cases in literature. The patient is a 35 year old male and this is his first presentation. No clubbing. Dyspnea is NYHA grade II. Could ... View thread »


Dr.Pratik Patil
An 81-year-old male had experienced vomiting, dizziness, and appetite loss for two weeks. There had not been recognition of diabetes before the onset of this illness. On admission, he showed impaired consciousness (Glasgow Coma Scale score, 12) with ... View thread »


Dr.Nazma Parveen
24 year male is having hairfall since 4 years. Has taken qilib, folli hair serum, folli hair tab. What can be further route of treatment ... View thread »

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Dr.Honey Arora
A patient had a pelvic ultrasound and I was wondering if you can tell me what this picture means and refers to. She is a 40 year old female. She had a hysterectomy five years ago. They took everything but the ovaries. She has been suffering from ... View thread »

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