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Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali
Gallstones, posted by Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali under Ayurveda Specialist
Patient age is 56yrs Before 6 months pt had acute cholecystitis suddenly with stones in gallbladder. He was admitted to hospital . Now he is ok I want ayurvedic medicines for gallstones to a kid operation ... View thread »


Dr. Priyanga Kesavan
Hello, what could be the reason or cause for burning sensation all over the body, which is quite intense in the back region. Additional encountered symptoms are mild fever and severe muscle pain. Please share your thoughts ... View thread »


Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali
A patient, who is 56 years old, had an ultrasound for gallstone problem. In the report, there was an incidental finding of prostate enlargement. The patient does not have any complaint related to the prostate. There is no urine retention in USG after ... View thread »

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Dr. Baratu Bhaisara
What are the symptoms or chief complaints because of air pollution in various cities? Are there a few variations in complaints? Are we counseling parents to take precautions as much as they can to halt chronic damage of air pollution? Kindly share ... View thread »

Dr. Sumaiya Jamil
A 30 year old Asian female presented with white patches and ulcers on the lips since two months. She has been trying over-the-counter drugs, but it is still present. I put her on Daktarin (Miconazole) ointment and a thick emollient cream. She came ... View thread »


Dr. Tirumala Setty Praneeth
Back acne, posted by Dr. Tirumala Setty Praneeth under Dermatology
23 year old male with back acne since 3 years. He has papules and blackheads. Will retinoid cream help in this case? Please suggest a better treatment option if any ... View thread »


Dr. Jalal Uddin
Please provide your differential diagnosis about this chest X-ray ... View thread »

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Dr. Bidhan Bairagi
Premature ejaculation, posted by Dr. Bidhan Bairagi under Sexology
Hello, a patient suffering from premature ejaculation ... View thread »


Dr. Shakti Mishra
Ear Blockage, posted by Dr. Shakti Mishra under Internal Medicine
A patient having ear block (left side) . Having cold n cough, on medication like azithral, grelinctus. Travelled through flight and ear got blocked since two days. difficulty in hearing as well. Tried all methods like nasal spray, gulping air, ... View thread »


Dr. Priyanga Kesavan
Can anyone pls tell me is it advisable to do extraction in a patient of blood glucose level ?? I guess no .. if so how to manage that patient before extraction ... View thread »