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Dr. Albana Greca
Is colposcopy a must when pap smear tested ASC-US?, posted by Dr. Albana Greca under Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Hello, 59 years old female patient , pap test resulted ASC-US. Gynecologist advised colposcopy now and retest after 6 months. Is colposcopy necessary now? Can do after 6 months? Thank you Dr.Albana ... View thread »


Dr. Zahidul Hasan
Acute Anaphylactic Reaction. , posted by Dr. Zahidul Hasan under Critical care physician
BACKGROUND: Acute anaphylactic reaction is a life threatening medical emergency. Without prompt treatment, patient may die with hypotension and angioedema. SUMMARY: 37 years old lady came in ER with severe rashes and extensive itching on the whole ... View thread »


Dr. Nusrat Zahan
Ectopic Pregnancy, posted by Dr. Nusrat Zahan under Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Details: A 32 years old lady came to ER with severe abdominal pain and mild per vaginal bleeding since few hours. Her last menstruation period was 2 and half months ago. She is G3P2A1. On examination, she was looking toxic and mild pallor. Her blood ... View thread »


Dr. Zahidul Hasan
Acute Anteroseptal MI, posted by Dr. Zahidul Hasan under Family Physician
BACKGROUND - A young patient with sudden severe chest pain, needs immediate evaluation. The patient was obese and a smoker, so there was a chance of developing CVD. Acute Myocardial infarction is a medical emergency, which needs immediate ... View thread »


Dr. Zahidul Hasan
Acute gastroenteritis (AGE), posted by Dr. Zahidul Hasan under Family Physician
BACKGROUND - Why do you think this case is important? Why did you write it up? The incidence of gastroenteritis is higher in the summertime, so patient with loose motion and abdominal pain should be assessed of having acute gastroenteritis or other ... View thread »

Dr. Vandana Andrews
Sleep disturbance., posted by Dr. Vandana Andrews under Psychiatry
52 years old banker. From last few months, he is not getting sound sleep. It looks as if he is awake and dreaming of different things mostly related to his work, and has at least one or two sleep breaks. When he gets up in the morning, he does not ... View thread »


Dr. Shakti Mishra
Fever in 9 month old, posted by Dr. Shakti Mishra under Paediatrics
A 9 month old baby is having fever with 102degrees, consulted doctor said to take crocin (1.5ml). And told to wait for observation. What should be the next set of corona to be taken? Should the baby be taken to doctor immediately or wait ... View thread »


Dr. Sheetal Kamble
Hello doctors, One of my patient, 40 years old male, have been suffering from pain in wrist joint. MRI Lt wrist indicates - 1) Negative Ulnar Variance with osteophytic lipping and degenerative subarticular cystic changes along ulnar articular ... View thread »


Dr. Osman Adam
Hi doctors i would like to get answer about the possibility of linking between those patient's who uses drink camel milk and the effectiveness of adminsterining lidocaines2% injection localy when they come for A dental procedures, as they believe ... View thread »


Dr. Abeer
Severe headache in teen girl, posted by Dr. Abeer under Internal Medicine
Hi Doctors, I have a patient who has serious headache which last for 3-7 minutes. She is 16 yr old and currently no exams so I ruled out tension headache. No nausea, vomiting or photo phobia so ruled out migraine. Her psychologist prescribe her ... View thread »