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Dr. Sheetal Kamble
Hello doctors, One of my patient, 40 years old male, have been suffering from pain in wrist joint. MRI Lt wrist indicates - 1) Negative Ulnar Variance with osteophytic lipping and degenerative subarticular cystic changes along ulnar articular ... View thread »


Dr. Osman Adam
Hi doctors i would like to get answer about the possibility of linking between those patient's who uses drink camel milk and the effectiveness of adminsterining lidocaines2% injection localy when they come for A dental procedures, as they believe ... View thread »


Dr. Abeer
Severe headache in teen girl, posted by Dr. Abeer under Internal Medicine
Hi Doctors, I have a patient who has serious headache which last for 3-7 minutes. She is 16 yr old and currently no exams so I ruled out tension headache. No nausea, vomiting or photo phobia so ruled out migraine. Her psychologist prescribe her ... View thread »


Dr. Tirumala Setty Praneeth
Multiple lipomas, posted by Dr. Tirumala Setty Praneeth under Internal Medicine
45 yr old male. He developed lipoma over his left forearm at 25 years of age, and he got it excised. Recently, he developed multiple lipomas over the abdomen, arms, and thighs. There is no pain. What could be the reason behind multiple lipomas? How ... View thread »


Dr. Albana Greca
Hello This is the case of one of my patients, came this morning into my clinic. Her mother reported rash on forehead and body only in the evening and during the night. Since 2 days now. Rash not notable at the moment of visit. Already asked for ... View thread »


Dr. Nishant Kumar
White lesion on prepuce, posted by Dr. Nishant Kumar under Internal Medicine
Hello Doctors, Here is a male patient, 44 yrs old, known diabetic since 2 yrs and on metformin 500 mg od , he was having blanitis 1 month back for which he was talking antifungal treatment, now since 3 days he is having white lesion over prepuce, he ... View thread »


Dr. Sheetal Kamble
I am looking for Ayurvedic treatment for partial ACL tear and bucket-handle tear of the medial meniscus. The patient has mild swelling and pain all over the left knee area. The complaint includes trouble standing for a long time, unable to put ... View thread »


Dr. Tirumala Setty Praneeth
A 22 year old male (lives in a hostel) has back acne and some lesions below both the buttocks, both since three years. Itching is sometimes present over the back, but not on the buttocks. No allergies. Not on any medications. Some lesions are present ... View thread »


Dr. Sheetal Kamble
The patient has mild swelling and pain all over the left knee area. The complaint includes trouble standing for a long time, unable to put pressure on the left leg and walk properly. The patient has been using knee belt and applying anti-inflammatory ... View thread »


Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali
Gallstones, posted by Dr. Sheetal R Bhanushali under Ayurveda Specialist
Patient age is 56yrs Before 6 months pt had acute cholecystitis suddenly with stones in gallbladder. He was admitted to hospital . Now he is ok I want ayurvedic medicines for gallstones to a kid operation ... View thread »