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Dr. Atiqur Rahman Khan
GYNAECOMASTIA IN A TEENAGER, posted by Dr. Atiqur Rahman Khan under Endocrinology
A 13-year- 9 months old male presented with overweight. His wt at presentation is 65 kg Height is 152 cm.Non Consanguineous marriage FT, AGA(3.7KG)LSCS to G1P1A0 IDM baby with the good Apgar score. Normal development history , normal IQ, No ... View thread »

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Dr. Pooja Pandya
Bilateral Dacryoadenitis in paediatric age group, posted by Dr. Pooja Pandya under Ophthalmology (Eye Care)
A kid with bilateral upper lid swelling and tenderness over lacrimal fossa since 1 week. She was 7 years old. On slit lamp examination both upper eyelid were swollen and there was tender round to oval nodules over lacrimal fossa on palpitation. ... View thread »


Dr. Shakti Mishra
Chronic shoulder pain, posted by Dr. Shakti Mishra under Orthopedics and Traumatology
A 63-year-old female having dull aching pain in the shoulder area, around the back of the neck and hand region. She has diabetes, thyroid, and high blood pressure. She was diagnosed with frozen shoulder six months back and took Nurokind LC and Myotop ... View thread »


Dr. Hussain Shabbir Kotawala
In an emergency, the following technique was attempted to correct testicular torsion by saving testis instead of removing it. We operated a 1-1/2 months old baby with a suspected obstructed hernia. We incised Tunica Albuginea and placed free Tunica ... View thread »

Dr. Hussain Shabbir Kotawala
Newborn premature baby, at just 28 weeks with a weight of 1 kg, received a femoral central line (long line in newborn for saline and blood products) insertion ... View thread »

Dr. Muhammad Zohaib Siddiq
Wellens Sign on ECG, posted by Dr. Muhammad Zohaib Siddiq under Cardiology
67-year-old male, asymptomatic. Screening ECG shows Wellens type B. Now, what should be the next step? Urgent Angiography or just medical management ... View thread »

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Dr. Mousam Chattopadhyay
A patient , female age 40years with history of pain and sensitivity wrt to lower right first molar. Tooth was quite tough to luxate for an Extraction . Finaly it came off and this was what found. 3 Roots of a mandibular molar . Quite unique as ... View thread »

Dr. Farzana Roshan
Pain in the lower back, posted by Dr. Farzana Roshan under Internal Medicine
27-year-old male suffering from pain in the lower back(left) for 1 year. Now it's intense and spreading to the spine. Pain worsens after walking and sleeping. Lipoma present in the same region (left lower back). No other complaints. Diagnosis ... View thread »


Dr. Ramasamy
This patient till 2 days back was asymptomatic, suddenly developed shortness of breath, vague chest pain, palpitation, & numbness of both UL. She was brought to the ED the next day. In the present scenario of COVID-19, the possibility of COVID-19 was ... View thread »


Dr. Meenakshi Agarwal
Symptoms - A 65-year-old female complaining about burning sensation on the left side of the face. Primarily around the upper lip area, tip of the nose, and tip of the tongue. The patient has also complained about a loss of taste intermittently. ... View thread »

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