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Query Consultation

Send a detailed history of your medical concerns to the doctor.

Ask a Doctor Online and get your medical concerns clarified with the doctor's advise. We have more than 3500+ doctors spread across 80+ specialties in our medical panel. Get medical second opinion and professional advice from our doctors. Post your query and get one free online doctor consultation.

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Chat with a Doctor

Start an online chat consultation
with a doctor.

Post unlimited follow-ups to the doctor for the next 50 or 100 hours by picking one of our #icliniq50hrs or #icliniq100hrs chat services. Easily accessible via our comprehensive Online consultation app available both in Android and iOS.

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Phone Consultation

Schedule a doctor’s call
at your own time

It is a medical phone consultation service that provides immediate health advice from registered Medical Doctors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our medical panel consists of over 3500+ doctors from 80+ specialties. Get a medical second opinion and professional medical advice!

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Remote consultation for
elderly people

Talk with a doctor using our highly secured HIPAA complaint end-to-end encrypted video call. Our video call service helps you to speak about your health issues with a doctor on a face to face live interaction.

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Consult a doctor on an online video conference

iCliniq is #1 Online Doctor Consultation Platform!

We're helping several thousand users every day. We have helped solve over a million cases.

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3500+ doctors
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"Find best Doctors to get instant medical advice and second opinion for your health problems. Ask the doctors online and consult them on face-to-face video chat or over a phone call." Get started now!

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Lab Tests at your Convenience

270+ cities covered across India

We've well-trained experts who will walk into your home/office/hostel and take the tests. Book a lab test now!




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There is more hope now for the millions of patients suffering from cancer in India! The partnership between MSKCC (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center), the world's oldest and largest private cancer center caring for cancer patients for more than 130 years, and iCliniq, a global digital health platform, have brought these immensely experienced cancer specialists closer to cancer patients in India. MSKCC oncologists are experts in treating every type of cancer, from the more common and curable to the most complex and rare types.

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iCliniq Connect

iCliniq Connect

Get FREE telemedicine solution for your hospital.

  • The best in class SaaS tool for Online consultation.
  • Created to be user-friendly for both doctors and patients from the comfort of their home
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does telemedicine mean?

Remote medical services, diagnosing and treating patients without consulting them in-person, is called telemedicine. Telemedicine, also called online doctor visits, allows patients to consult doctors from around the world without having to travel anywhere.

What is telemedicine used for?

While there are innumerable uses of telemedicine, they are commonly used for:

  • A second opinion.
  • Follow-up visits.
  • Managing patients with chronic illnesses.
  • Post-surgical care.
  • Healthy living and preventive care.
  • Caring for geriatric patients living in nursing homes.
What equipment do you require for telemedicine?

For consulting a doctor online, you will require:

  • A computer, with a microphone, a camera, and an internet connection.
  • Or a smartphone with an internet connection.
What are the pros or advantages of telemedicine?


  • Is cost-efficient.
  • Is faster and convenient.
  • Minimizes the risk of transmission of infectious diseases
  • Makes follow-up care easier.
  • Offers a wide variety of specialists to consult.
Can we consult a doctor online?

Yes, you can consult a doctor online. If you post a query, you will receive an answer as soon as possible. In the case of a video or phone consultation, you have to choose a time slot displayed based on the doctor's availability.

Is it legal to consult patients online?

Yes, it is legal to consult patients online. This is made easy with the help of telemedicine platforms, such as iCliniq.

How much does an online doctor cost?

Costing differs for query, video, and audio consultations. Please login to know the details.

What should you not tell your doctor?

Avoid sharing your phone number or address for further consultation. In case of any misuse, iCliniq will not be held responsible.

Is iCliniq safe?

Yes, all your personal and medical information are safe with us. iCliniq respects Protected Health Information (PHI). We are GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.

How do I join iCliniq?
How do you use iCliniq?

Once a user registers on our website, he or she can consult any doctor at any time from anywhere in the world. You can either post a query instantly or book a phone or video consultation. You can do the same using our iOS and Android apps.

Are iCliniq doctors qualified?

All the doctors registering on our site have to get their personal, professional, and academic details verified before their profiles get activated on our site.

How do I consult a doctor now?

Once you login to your iCliniq's account, check for the "Ask a Query" icon and then post a query with all relevant medical and personal information, including the chief complaint.

How can I consult a doctor online for free?

You can post the first query on iCliniq for free without any charges. Most of the specialties are free for the first time.

What happens if you don't get a response from a doctor?

Our doctors are readily accessible at all times. But in case a specific doctor is not available, another doctor will answer your health query.

What is the pricing for regular and fast track queries?

The pricing for queries varies based on the doctor and specialty. The cost of posting a query starts from ₹199. And to post a priority query, the cost to get it fast-tracked starts from ₹299.

What is iCliniq50hrs and iCliniq100hrs Chat?

With the help of iCliniq’s chat services, you can chat and post unlimited queries to an experienced doctor for a fixed time. You can either choose to chat with the doctor for 50 hours or 100 hours.

What are the costs of iCliniq50hrs and iCliniq100hrs chat?

You can chat with a doctor for 50 and 100 hours with the starting price of:

  • iCliniq50hrs chat - ₹299
  • iCliniq100hrs chat - ₹499
How can I talk to a doctor online?

Once you login to your account, check for the option "Consult by Phone" and "Video Chat." You will be able to speak with a doctor by booking a consultation. Once you book a slot for Phone or Video consultation, you will receive a confirmation email. Apart from this, you will receive an SMS to the registered mobile number 15 minutes before the consultation.

How can I get medical advice on the phone?

You can speak with our doctors over the phone by booking a phone consultation.

How long does one video or phone consultation last?

If you have booked a video or phone consultation, the consultation will last for approximately 20 minutes.

How much do video and phone consultations cost?

The charges for phone and video consultations varies based on the doctor and specialty. The 2-hour fast track will be charged starting at ₹599 and the 4-hour variant at ₹499.

Can online doctors prescribe antibiotics?

Yes, online doctors can prescribe antibiotics once they ascertain that your symptoms are caused by a bacterial infection.

Can I get a prescription after online consultation?

According to the telemedicine guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health in March 2020 and the Central Council of Indian Medicine in April 2020, specialists can prescribe allopathy and alternative medicines online. As there are many restrictions for other modes of consultation, it is best to consult the doctor through video to get a prescription after discussing all the health concerns in detail.

How can I get a prescription online?

After you consult a doctor through a query, phone, or video consultation, the doctor will give out a prescription with their digital signature. You can download the prescription and get medicines dispensed by the pharmacy.

Can I get a prescription from Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani specialists?

You can consult an Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani specialist through query, phone, or video consultations. The doctor will only be able to prescribe if the first consultation is a video consultation.