Acne Vulgaris and it's Management

- Published in Skin and Beauty

Acne Vulgaris is a common skin concern in adolescents and may sometimes persist in adulthood too ... Though acne is commonly seen in oily skin, it can be involve dry skin too due to blockade of oil glands when excessive creams or greasy thick creams are used to moisturize the skin … View thread

Acne Treatment - Types, Side Effects, and More

- Published in Dermatologists and Skin Care

Acne results from blocked hair follicles ... Treatments work to clean up microorganisms and evaporate the excess oils that lead to acneView thread

Acne vulgaris, a Social Problem.

- Published in Dermatologists and Skin Care

Acne is the most common skin problem encountered in the teenagers and also in adults ... Acne is not a disease by itself, but being chronic in nature, it can have a significant impact in shaping the overall personality of a person … View thread

Acne - Causes, Types, Home Remedies and Treatment Strategy

- Published in Dermatologists and Skin Care

Acne is a very common skin condition ... Although it is not a dangerous condition, acne can leave scars on the skin … View thread

Acne: Skin Care Tips and Treatment Options

- Published in Skin and Beauty

How Does One Develop Acne ... Acne is a disorder of pilosebaceous unit, pilo meaning hair, and sebaceous meaning oil-producing gland … View thread

Adult Acne: A Common Problem

- Published in Dermatologists and Skin Care

Acne is very common in the teenage group ... But, when we have acne as an adult, it is very frustrating … View thread

Which acne cream is causing dry, flaky skin around eyes and burns on cheek?

- Answered in Dermatology

Hi doctor,Recently I have been prescribed Tretinoin 025 cream and Benzaclin gel for my mild acne but ever since I started I have been getting dry and flaky skin around my eyes and mouth and burns on my cheek … View thread

Does acne itch?

- Answered in Dermatology

Hi doctor,I had acne on my left nostril and left arm ... Sometimes, there is also a sensation of itching throughout the body, but there is no soreness or acne on my body except my left nostril and left arm … View thread

Having acne problem on the face and back since last 15 years. Is there any solution?

- Answered in Family Physician

Hello doctor, My 32-year-old brother has acne problem on the face and upper back since the last 15 years ... From your description, he is suffering from acne vulgaris … View thread

Can hormonal acne indicate sensitivity to testosterone?

- Answered in Endocrinology

Hi doctor, I have been suffering from hormonal acne for almost nine years now ... I am breaking out 7 to 10 days prior to my periods each and every month, my periods are regular, so I thought that as in these days, the estrogen is the one which drops and the testosterone remain there and have a chance to cause more acneView thread

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