Why do I have some sharp pain after dental filling? - Answered in Dentistry

Hi doctor, I had two deep fillings a few days ago ... If the sensitivity and pain is very mild, then it may be due to the material used for filling, which emits heat for one or two days till it gets its maximum strength … View thread »

All my lower back teeth have started to decay. Please help me. - Answered in Dentistry

If it is decay, then your dentist might suggest you get some dental fillings done ... If it is just stains that you are noticing, then the stains could be removed by dental scaling, that is, professional cleaning … View thread »

Are my teeth discolored due to cavities? - Answered in Dentistry

The proper way to address the problem is to get a dental filling done (restoration) ... If you can upload a picture here so that I can tell you that if there is any immediate treatment or filling needed … View thread »

I have severe pain in the entire left side of the face. Please help. - Answered in Dentistry

 The cold water causes vasoconstriction and reduces blood flow to the dental pulp chamber and the pain gets relieved ... Otherwise, in my opinion, I find it as a clear case of end stage reversible pulpitis, which can be managed easily by a dental filling or root canal treatment … View thread »

Why does my tooth hurt on drinking cold milk two days after I got it filled? - Answered in Dentistry

But the last cavity I removed, the tooth was so damaged but my doctor kept on drilling as much as he could and he put the dental filling right next to the tooth nerve saying that the tooth is still alive … View thread »

I have a small tooth cavity. Can it be cured by filling? - Answered in Dentistry

Hi doctor, I got my dental checkup done recently ... Hi doctor, Is it similar to dental filling ... Also let me know, if this can be cured by fillingView thread »

Dental Veneers - Advantages and Disadvantages - Published in Dental & Oral Health

What is a Dental Veneer ... A dental veneer is needed in the following conditions: To improve the colour, shape and position of  front teeth ... Stain resistant when compared to tooth colored fillings ... Composite restoration (tooth colored fillings) … View thread »

Root Canal Treatment - Published in Dental & Oral Health

It shows the symptoms like pain, through a chronically infected tooth might be symptomless and can be diagnosed during a routine dental examination ... The procedure can be divided mainly into three processes, namely, getting access to the canal, cleaning, and shaping of the canal and finally refilling the space within the canal with an inert material … View thread »

Kindly advise the treatment for sensitive tooth. - Answered in Dentistry

Filling of the tooth if there is some carious activity diagnosed internally … View thread »