Diabetes and its Possible Prevention - Published in Healthy Living (Wellness & Prevention)

In this bulletin, diabetes mellitus (type 2) has been elaborated, as the disease is fast affecting our younger generation ... The following precautions may prevent or delay the onset of diabetes: Maintain ideal body weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), as obesity can trigger the disease … View thread »

Diabetes - How to Live Healthy - Published in Diabetes Health

Being diagnosed with diabetes can cause a lot of confusions and create many questions in your head ... Make these simple lifestyle changes and experience the difference in your fight against diabetesView thread »

Diabetes Mellitus and Oral Health - Published in Dental & Oral Health

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder which affects the uptake and use of glucose by the human body ... Types Of Diabetes Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: It occurs due to deficiency of insulin hormone from the pancreatic cells … View thread »

Diabetes and Eyes - Published in Diabetes Health

It is very important factor for individuals to be independent in their life" Diabetes is a metabolic syndrome entity which is characterized by hyperglycemia, high blood pressure and dyslipedemia … View thread »

Diabetes - How Aware Are You? - Published in Diabetes Health

1-3 : You need to know more about diabetes ... Answers: Question 1: Do you need to test blood sugar level to diagnose diabetesView thread »

Diabetes - Simple Ways to Control Blood Sugar Level - Published in Diabetes Health

Diabetes is affecting millions of lives these days ... The initial symptoms of diabetes include excessive thirst, excessive hunger, frequent urination and fatigue … View thread »

Diabetes - How Aware Are You? - Published in Diabetes Health

1-3 : You need to know more about diabetesView thread »

Diabetes is not under control even after taking medications. Kindly advise. - Answered in Internal Medicine

Hello doctor, I take GP3 before lunch and dinner, Obimate SR 1 gm after lunch and dinner, Tryglynase 2 before breakfast but diabetes is not coming under control … View thread »

Can diabetes effect my HIV DUO test results? - Answered in Venereology

I would like to mention that I have diabetes from past five years and I am currently on Istamet 50/1000 mg ...  As I am a diabetic and take a diabetes medicine, will this have an effect on the test results … View thread »

Can diabetes make my hands itchy and numb? - Answered in Andrology

I guess it is because of diabetes ... I suggest the following treatment given a diagnosis of diabetes with depression … View thread »

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