Eczema - Treatment and Prevention

- Published in Dermatologists and Skin Care

The word eczema is synonymous with dermatitis ... Eczema can be acute, subacute or chronic depending upon the duration of the presentation … View thread

I have eczema only in my legs. What to do?

- Answered in Dermatology

Hi doctor, I am aware that I have eczema ... I have been having severe eczema since I was 8 … View thread

I have severe eczema on face, neck, and shoulders. What should I do to manage it?

- Answered in Allergy Specialist

When I was a kid, I had eczema on my mid-arms … View thread

I have itchy painful eczema in fingers. Please help.

- Answered in Dermatology

Hello doctor, Eczema or fungus on right thumb and index, it looks like it is expanding and it leaves apparently dead skin behind which peels off … View thread

My baby is suffering from eczema. Please suggest some treatment.

- Answered in Pediatric Allergy/Asthma Specialist

Hi doctor, My 5 months old baby has pretty bad eczema ... None of the remedies we tried have produced relief such as wet wraps, bleach baths, ointments, eczema creams, cortisone, etc … View thread

What should I do for eczema-like lesion on the face?

- Answered in Dermatology

Hello doctor, I just noticed that in my face near to mouth, I have something like eczema, but colorless … View thread

Could you give your opinion about my eczema on the fingertips?

- Answered in Dermatology

When I went to the doctor, she said it as eczema and prescribed me Dermol, Doublebase cream, and steroid cream ... Could you please give me your opinion on the supposed eczema on my fingertips … View thread

Can I use these ayurvedic medicines for eczema?

- Answered in Ayurveda Specialist

Hello doctor, I am 45 years old, and I am suffering from severe eczema on both legs ... Eczema can be due to allergy or due to some irritant … View thread

I am diagnosed with adult acne and mild eczema with a spot on my cheeks. What is the treatment?

- Answered in Dermatology

Hello doctor,I have a spot on my cheek and I am diagnosed with adult acne and mild eczema ... You have both eczema and acne it seems … View thread

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