Fever: a Friend or Foe

- Published in Common Medical Conditions

Everyone experiences an increase in their body temperature once in a while which we refer to as fever ... What I am going to convey here is not a major science or a new finding, but I felt it is necessary to share this with you because I have seen hundreds of patient who have no basic knowledge about fever and often get wrongly treated either by self-medication or with over-the-counter medications suggested by a pharmacist … View thread

Fever with low WBC count. Could Eptoin be the cause?

- Answered in Neurology

Hello doctor, My niece got a fever for the past eight days ... The doctors tried all the tests, antibiotics and medicines, but still, the fever is not controlled … View thread

Fever in Babies: When to Call the Doctor

- Published in Parenting & Children's Health

Fever is not an illness by itself, but a symptom ... Viral fevers that come with the common flu or cold tend to subside within three days … View thread

Fever and chills in a child of age 3 years 6 months. What can be done?

- Answered in Paediatrics

Hello doctor, Fever and chills in a child of age 3 years 6 months ... Shivering may be because of a highfever, or because of urine infection or malaria … View thread

Chikungunya Fever

- Published in Common Medical Conditions

Fever has many causes viral being one of them ... Viral fever is very common during the change of seasons … View thread

High fever and swollen lymph node. Is it a bacterial or viral infection?

- Answered in Paediatrics

Hello doctor, My son has been sick with a high fever (between 1017 to 103) and swollen lymph node on one side of his jaw right beneath his left ear, complained of pain in the neck, and pain inside his mouth … View thread

My fever subsided, but headache still continues. What do you suggest?

- Answered in General Practitioner

Hello doctor,I am having headache and fever for four days and I had Sumo cold and Gelusil ... Now, the fever is less but the headache continues … View thread

Can fever and joint pain occur due to TB?

- Answered in Paediatrics

She had fever and knee joint pain on the right side for over one and a half month ... Still fever persists though it was better for a few days after starting ATT … View thread

Monkey Fever

- Published in Infectious Diseases

Recently, the news is being hit by a new term Monkey fever and it is essential to be aware of this disease so as to protect yourself from it … View thread

Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease

- Published in Heart & Circulatory Health

Rheumatic fever is a serious inflammatory disease that arises as a complication of partially treated strep throat or scarlet fever ... Causes Not all cases of strep throat lead to rheumatic feverView thread

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