What You Should Eat and Drink for A Healthy Life!!

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But if not enough, or if you have a disease named hypocalcaemia (low level of serum calcium) or if you are suffering from thyroid/ parathyroid gland disease or gastrointestinal disease hindering absorption processes, your treating physician may prescribe you with some supplemental calcium that may best suit your bodily needs according to the deficiency you have ... When we eat healthy, we definitely get our teeth and bones strengthened and the risks of diseases that make our bony skeleton weaker and more prone to fracture, decreases to a great extent … View thread

How Much Salt Should One Person Have?

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On the flip side, low salt in the diet should be avoided in salt wasters (part of renal or gastrointestinal disease in some patients), and pre-eclampsia (It is a condition with high blood pressure and extremely high protein content in the urine of pregnant women) … View thread

From my reports can you tell me if I have IBS or any other major disease?

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You do not have any major gastrointestinal disease ... Stool for occult blood test looks for the presence of microscopic blood in stools that can come in case of bowel-related diseasesView thread

Anal Fixation: Myths and Facts

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For more information consult a gastrointestinal diseases homeopathic specialist online ... Now, the stress releases certain neurotransmitters which in turn causes changes in hormonal secretion, altering the metabolism and giving rise to many metabolic, neurologic diseases, deficiencies and what not … View thread

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