Headache, Sinusitis, and Migraine - an Approach to Diagnosis

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It is believed by physicians and patients as well that when symptoms of pressure or pain is present over the cheeks and around the eyes, then it is a sinus headacheView thread

Headache: Causes and Types

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Headache is one of the most common complaints for which patients seek medical attention ... Causes of Headache Tension-type … View thread

Worst Headache Ever? It Could be Brain Aneurysm!!

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Some symptoms related to the pressure of the aneurysm on the adjoining brain tissue like cranial nerve palsies (difficulty to smile, difficulty in moving your eyes, difficulty to express certain facial expressions) headaches, etc … View thread

Is headache a side-effect of Nevanac ophthalmic suspension?

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I have headache after using this suspension ... If that is not incorporated in your glasses please include it because not using cylindrical power along with spherical can cause a headacheView thread

Can headache occur as a side effect of BP medicine?

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I am getting headache chiefly in left side of the head ... First tell me in detail about your headache to help you in better way … View thread

Tension Headache, A Variant Of Migraine

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A tension headache is a dull, persistent pain that occurs in the temporal region (part of head just above the ears) in a band like distribution and may radiate forward to the frontal (forehead) region or backward to the occipital (part of head just above the neck) region … View thread

My headache persists even after pituitary tumor surgery. What to do?

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Now, he is getting an occasional headache when he goes out in the sun and when meals delayed ... He has a history of a severe headache, and it has not improved with the drugs of a migraine … View thread

Is headache a symptom of HIV?

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I am worried about the possibility of HIV as I am experiencing headaches ... I have also been having headaches … View thread

Energy loss, headache, and hair loss after masturbation. Please suggest ayurvedic medicine.

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Sometimes I feel a bit headache ... There is also after automatically masturbations or supposed masturbations I feel less energy and headache and hair loss … View thread

How can headaches and back pain be treated in a young kid with epilepsy?

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Hello doctor, My 3-year-old son has been complaining of headaches and back pain ... Are headaches and back pain post spinal tap … View thread