Which specialist should I consult for one side headache? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Migraine headaches occur usually on one side of head and have severe throbbing sensation associated ... If you are suffering from migraine headaches, you should be started on medicines for the prophylaxis of migraine … View thread »

Could my throbbing headache be a brain tumor? - Answered in Internal Medicine

... understand your concerns. Pain on the right side of the head, which lasted for a few days and now has recurred, could be due to a tension headache, migraine or ... … View thread »

I have dizziness from the last one week. Can it be a brain tumor? - Answered in Neuro surgery

... gone through all the reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). They are all normal. A headache in a patient with a brain tumor is generally dull ... … View thread »

My wife has been suffering from migraine and gastric irritation. What to do? - Answered in Neurology

If you are suffering from migraine headaches, then you should be started on medicines for the prophylaxis of the migraine ... So, I will brief you about the pattern of migraine headachesView thread »

What makes me violent and talk in my sleep with headaches? - Answered in Neurology

I also suffer from headaches, migraine, and tremors in my hands … View thread »

What You Should Know About Headaches? - Published in Migraines and Headaches

If you are suffering from headaches, read this article because, understanding your problem can help you solving it ... Common Causes Of Headaches: Migraine Tension Type Headache Idiopathic Stabbing Cluster Headache Exertional Headache Systemic infection Sinusitis Head Injury Vascular Disorders Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Brain Tumour The patient who presents with a new, severe headache have causes that may be different from patient with recurrent headaches over many years ... How to Deal with Migraines ... So, just try figuring out what kind of Headache you have and consult a Headaches And Migraines Specialist Online … View thread »

Kindly explain the reason for my scalp tenderness. - Answered in Neurology

... giving such an elaborate information and history (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Scalp tenderness is a common symptom of migraine headache. ... … View thread »

Please suggest some preventive measures for migraine headache. - Answered in General Medicine

Drugs like Naproxen are used to relieve the pain during attacks of a migraine or a few other kinds of headachesView thread »

How can I differentiate normal headache and a migraine headache? - Answered in Neuro surgery

The dizziness and headaches should coincide with the same problem either what comes first will lead to the other symptom ... Headaches, on the other hand, could also be of so many things but usual causes are myogenic in nature ... Migraines usually occur with a strong family history … View thread »

I have pain in the eyes and severe headache. What could it be? - Answered in General Medicine

... indicate migraine headache. These vision related symptoms are present in aura (temporary visual disturbances that precede the migraine headache). The ... … View thread »

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