Can hypertension cause severe headaches?

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I was told that I have hypertension ... As you are so young, the cause of hypertension should be found out first … View thread

I am anxious about having hypertension at this young age. Please advise.

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Hello doctor,I am a patient of hypertension which is now well-controlled with medicines (average 110/70) ... Also, I am having anxiety or stress due to my health as I am having hypertension at this young age … View thread

Please suggest methods to control my hypertension.

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Hello doctor, I have been under medications for hypertension for the past five years ... Urinary VMA (vanillylmandelic acid) and Metanephrine tests are done to detect Pheochromocytoma, a kind of tumor, that causes hypertension in young persons, as well as facial flushing, headaches, and palpitations … View thread

Are these medicines sufficient to control hypertension?

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Hi doctor, For controlling my hypertension, I was prescribed Benicar 40/125 mg once in the morning, Amlodipine 5 mg twice a day and Clonidine once in the evening … View thread

Can feeding food to the blood directly prevent obesity, hypertension, and diabetes?

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It could prevent obesity, high and low hypertension, diabetes, etc … View thread

My BP is high. Should I get checked for secondary hypertension?

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Hi doctor, I was diagnosed with essential hypertension taking medicine for that ... Should I get investigated to rule out secondary hypertensionView thread

Taking Losalex twice a day. Is it an excess dose for hypertension?

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Hi doctor, I know a patient who is having hypertensionView thread


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How can headache be controlled in a hypertensive patient?

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In past, I was treated for hypertension which is now well under control with medication ... As you told, you have hypertension and anxiety disorder, where both the conditions can cause a headache if uncontrolled and in your case pain is on temporal side unilateral, so you have to rule out temporal arteritis … View thread

What is the role of aldosterone in controlling BP?

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Hyperaldosteronism causes hypertension with low potassium ... You might be having an entity called essential hypertensionView thread