Am I taking the correct medication for diabetes and hypertension?

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We usually prescribe this for severe hypertension or tachycardia (increased heart rate) ... Since you have both hypertension and diabetes, I request you to buy one blood pressure machine and glucometer … View thread


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How to cure BP?

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As you are only 24 years old and diagnosed to have hypertension, you should be very careful about your blood pressure … View thread

I feel hot sensation in stomach and lightheadedness. Why?

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It seems to be like gastritis, but since you have hypertension, it is necessary to rule out the cardiac cause as well … View thread

Blood is coming from my nose and mouth. What may be the reason?

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Other possible causes are hypertension, thrombocytopenia, vigorous sneezing or drugs like Aspirin may induce bleeding … View thread

I have sharp pain below the breast and near the rib cage. What could it be?

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Hypertension and diabetes … View thread

What should be followed for severe migraine?

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History of hypertension and diabetes ... No history of hypertension and diabetes … View thread

What is the treatment for chronic gastritis?

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 Does he have hypertension or diabetes ... He does have hypertensionView thread

Please explain my health checkup report.

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History of hypertension, asthma, hypothyroidism in you, your medication history, if any … View thread

Can you comment on my lung function tests?

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Other conditions which reduce the surface area of the alveoli capillary membranes such as pulmonary embolism, pulmonary hemorrhage, and primary pulmonary hypertensionView thread