Dr.Darmesh V M., M.S.Gen,D.N.B Plastic surgery,MNAMS

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Dr.Atishay Bukharia., MBBS, MD, DVL.,specialist in COSMETOLOGY and SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES .,Member of International Society for Dermatologic Imaging.,Member of international Society of Dermatology

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Dr.Vikram Kumar Raja., MBBS.,MS (Gen.Surg).,M.Ch (Plastic Surg).,MRCS (Edin).,PGDip(Aes.Surg) UK

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Dr.Manish Jain., MCh Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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Usage of LASER in Dermatology and Skin Care - Published in Skin and Beauty

The word LASER is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation ... Lasers have been widely used in dermatology and general medicine for the last 30 years ... Miscellaneous such as tattoo removal, xanthelasma, actinic cheilitis, pearly penile papules, rhinophyma, keloids, scalp reduction, blepharoplasty, etc … View thread »

Can I cover up my birthmark with a tattoo? - Answered in Dermatology

Laser treatment ... If it is a Becker nevus, you can go for a laser removal in the place of a tattoo ... I want to cover it up with a tattooView thread »