Post-Nasal Drip Associated with Sinusitis

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It is invariably related to chronic rhinosinusitis and is common in people who are prone to allergy or with a family history of atopy or asthma … View thread

What is the treatment for sinusitis?

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I have had several bouts of acute sinusitis in years past ... You are suffering from chronic sinusitisView thread

Can seizures be related to chronic sinusitis?

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The doctors said that he has chronic sinusitis with thickened mucosa and they started giving him antibiotics ... I want to know whether the seizure is related to the sinusitisView thread

Can you suggest ayurveda medicine for sinusitis?

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These will give a permanent solution for your nasal block and sinusitisView thread

What are the treatment options for chronic sinusitis?

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Early morning jogging is really good for patients having sinusitisView thread

I have low immune system and get bronchitis and sinusitis often. Please advice.

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... gone through your medical history carefully and understood your concern. The low immune system makes you more prone to get an infection. Sinus infection is ... … View thread

My daughter is diagnosed with deviated nasal septum and sinusitis. What is the treatment?

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Clinical findings are deviation of nasal septum and sinusitis ... Sinusitis is an infection of sinuses present in our facial bones … View thread

Is it normal to get decreased taste sensation following sinusitis?

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Chronic rhino-sinusitis ... Fungal sinusitisView thread

Post HIV exposure, I had rashes, diarrhea and now sinusitis. Have I contracted it?

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Now, seven months after exposure I am having a cold and sinusitisView thread

Please help me in identifying the cause and treatment of sinusitis.

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Hello doctor, I have suffered from sinusitis for the last five years ... I used to live in a house that had mould issues, and I am not sure if this brought on the sinusitisView thread