I develop sinusitis and severe cough in winter.I also have hair fall problem.Kindly advise. - Answered in Internal Medicine

... important to get your sinuses and nose clinically examined for any conditions that might require treatment. Some people also develop allergy and this happens ... … View thread »

What is the treatment for red sputum? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Acute sinusitis should be treated with 10 days of Amoxicillin and what you are having is acute on chronic sinusitis ... You may see red streaks of blood (attachment removed to protect patient identity) in sinusitis (if still going on) or acute bronchitis … View thread »

What are the causes of diarrhea and nausea every morning, with terrible sinus headache? - Answered in Internal Medicine

So you have two issues, one is your sinusitis, and the other is diarrhea ... For sinusitis along with antibiotics I would suggest you try the following … View thread »

Being a non-alcoholic, is it possible to get liver issue? - Answered in Internal Medicine

I referred a doctor and he diagnosed me of sinusitis and hence the breathing issue ... Your breathing problem is due to bronchitis and sinusitis, which most of the time is due to allergy to cold, dust, pollen and pollution … View thread »

My head hurts when I blow my nose. Why? - Answered in Internal Medicine

I believe you are suffering from sinusitisView thread »

Recurrent sinus infections are disrupting my life. Please help. - Answered in Internal Medicine

Regarding your ongoing sinusitis, it is an allergic sinusitis in all probabilities … View thread »

I have a constant headache from 10 days. Could it be due to a brain tumor? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Also, my eyes feel strained at times while staring at the computer or TV screen About my past health history, I have sinusitis ... I have not had any treatment for sinusitis except some medication for the first week or so after detection … View thread »

My CT says nasal septum deviates towards right. What does it mean? - Answered in Internal Medicine

It means there is obstruction to your sinus drainage because of a deviated nasal septum with spur and concha bullosa, leading to recurrent sinusitisView thread »

I have normal vision and good sleep. Why do I have headache? - Answered in Internal Medicine

First is frontal sinusitis, as you have told there is pain when you press above left eye … View thread »

Can Glycopyrrolate cure excess salivation? - Answered in Internal Medicine

You may be suffering from acid reflux, sinusitis, or other upper respiratory tract infections which may give you hypersalivation … View thread »

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