I had diarrhea with lime green tint and I am type 1 diabetic. Is this diabetic enteropathy?

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My husband had five episodes of hypoglycemia in a single day. What could be causing all these?

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How can I reduce the pain around Insulin injection site?

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I am type 1 diabetic and on 40 units of insulin. How to decrease the insulin units?

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Hello doctor, I am 42 years old with type 1 diabetes for the last 21 years ... I would suggest you talk to your nephrologist regarding the type of cleansing fluid used in the machine ... The fact remains that you are probably having insulin-dependent diabetesView thread

Will diabetes during pregnancy affect the baby?

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Please suggest a cure for dark skin around pubic region.

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What are the erectile dysfunction symptoms in a diabetic?

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He is suffering from type 1 diabetes from the age of 5 years ... At this age, the cause is most likely anxiety, but given his history of diabetes, a full evaluation is necessary to rule or other causes … View thread

My 4-year-old diabetic son has high lipid panel and BUN. Should I be worried?

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Hello doctor, My son is 4 years old and he has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes one year ago ... As your son has diabetes, it is not one reading that causes the triglycerides to go high … View thread

How long can uveitis persist before there can be a permanent eye damage?

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Have You Been Diagnosed With Diabetes? Read This To Know What Next

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Types of Diabetes Mellitus: Type-1 diabetes: It is also called as insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes ... Type-2 diabetes: It is also called as non insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or adult onset diabetes ... Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder ... Leading a healthy life style is necessary to manage diabetesView thread