My fingers are numb and my feet have a burning sensation. What could it be? - Answered in Family Physician

At your age, type 1 diabetes that is insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus is more common ... Could this be an early sign of diabetes ... I have read through your question and I would like to tell you that peripheral neuropathy can happen in a patient with diabetes which does present in the form of burning sensation in the feet and neuropathic pain … View thread »

Dr.Shaikh Sadaf., MBBS.,MRCGP INT.,PGDip Endocrinology and Diabetes,London University

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Dr.Praveen., M.D.,PGDFM.,M.Sc (DDFS)

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Dr.Shyam Bhaurao Kale., MBBS.,MD community medicine.,Cert. course in diabetology

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Dr.Krutika Ingle Karandikar., MBBS.,Diploma in Diabetes management.,PG in Diabetology (USA)

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Dr.Saumya Mittal., MD Internal Medicine.,CC (Diabetes Mellitus).,Diploma (APD and IBS).,MBBS.,Diploma (Vitamin D).,

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When compared to night shift, how is working in daytime better? - Answered in Family Physician

Another type person who is comfortable waking up by morning 11 AM and goes to sleep by 2-3 AM ... I think you are type 1 ... When we change this pattern it may lead to many diseases like migraine, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc … View thread »


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