Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) - Symptoms , Treatment and Prevention

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Urinary Tract Infection Urinary tract consists of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and the urethra ... Urine produced by the kidneys passes down the ureters and is stored in the urinary bladder until it is voided through the urethra ... Infection most commonly involves the lower urinary tract which includes the bladder (cystitis) and urethra (urethritis) ... Women are at an increased risk of developing UTI compared to men ... UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) typically is caused by bacteria entering the bladder through the urethra … View thread

Simple Tips for UTI Prevention in Women

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Urinary tract infection is one of the most common illnesses that  ... During pregnancy, women encounter hormonal and valvular changes causing urinary reflux, urinary stasis, and increased pressure on the urinary bladder because of the increased size of the uterus ... Urinary Stones and Diabetes: Urinary stones and diabetes also predispose to urinary infections ... Females are more prone to UTI than men due to their short urethra, and it is even more so, in sexually active females, due to the trauma encountered by the urethra during the act … View thread

Why do I have a strong urge to urinate?

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It seems you have developed urinary tract infection (UTI) ... I suggest you get urine routine and microscopy along with urine culture sensitivity done … View thread

I am experiencing pain while urinating but all tests are normal. What could be the reason?

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Usual causes of such symptoms include urinary tract infection (UTI) or urinary stones (renal stones) ... When routine tests turn out to be normal, a frequency volume diary may be made … View thread

What can be the contributing factor for the fluctuations in oxygen saturation levels?

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I do not understand the correlation between urinary tract infection (UTI) and low oxygen saturation ... She either had pre-existing asthma that got exacerbated by UTI or she had acute bronchitis or lower respiratory tract infection ... Recently, she had a bad UTI and asthma ... Now that she is recovering from UTI, her O2 levels are 97 to 98 with 2 liters of supplemental O2 and her O2 level without supplemental O2 are between 88 and 92 … View thread

I feel pain and burning sensation after intercourse. Is this UTI?

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Is this urinary tract infection ... You have symptoms of urinary tract infection (UTI) ... May I also know the reason for UTI please … View thread

I am suffering from UTI since I got discharged from the hospital. Why?

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But since I came back home, I have been suffering from a urinary tract infection ... Frequent micturition with incontinence is very much suggestive of urinary tract infection (UTI) ... This can be a catheter-related UTIView thread

I have constant feeling to urinate and burning sensation. Why is it so?

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From what you mentioned, you have urinary tract infection ... UTI causes a burning sensation while urinating, frequent urination and change in the color of the urine … View thread

Following UTI, I am getting vaginal dryness and pain. How to treat this?

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Pain can be due to cystitis or recurrence of UTI (urinary tract infection) ... Hi doctor, A few months ago, I was suffering from UTI and followed by vaginal dryness ... I had urine and culture test for UTIView thread

Before urine test, shall we start antibiotic for UTI?

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Crying while voiding urine and fever might be due to urinary tract infection (UTI) ... He is suffering from UTIView thread