Lower abdominal pain and spotting with a positive pregnancy test. Should I be worried?

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 However, she experienced an excruciating lower abdominal pain yesterday and spotting a few hours later ... If she has an excruciating lower abdominal pain with spotting, it could be an ectopic pregnancy which is an emergency … View thread

Getting abdominal pain twice in every month. One during the first day of the period and then on the 9th day of my period.

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Hi doctor, I am getting abdominal pain twice every month ... Many individuals experience such painView thread

Having abdominal pain and bloated feeling for five months. Could this be due to colon cancer?

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Hi doctor, I have had abdominal pain for five months ... My abdominal ultrasound was negative ... I also have some pain on the left … View thread

Will my abdominal pain after cholecystectomy throw me into SVT?

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For the last three days, I have been having severe abdominal pain ... Can my abdominal pain throw me into SVT ... Similar pain as when I had gallbladder attacks … View thread

I have abdominal pain with watery stool. Please help.

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Abdominal pain, starting from yesterday night ... At first, it was severe pain and strange sound in the intestine and could not poop … View thread

I have abdominal pain and diarrhea thrice a day. What is wrong?

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Hello doctor,I am suffering from abdominal pain and diarrhea three to four times a day for the last four months … View thread

I have abdominal pain, and I vomit as soon as I eat something. What to do?

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You have a urinary infection, which is causing all your symptoms of vomiting and abdominal pain ... I also have pain in the left side of the abdomen, and I vomit ... The other lump is near my shoulder, which is very painful … View thread

I get abdominal pain while urinating, and my urine shows RBC. Please help.

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At an interval of 2 to 3 months, I sometimes get lower abdominal pain while urinating ... A few months back, the pain was terrible for two days … View thread

Can lower abdominal pain occur after unprotected sex?

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As you are having a dull aching lower abdominal pain, which was preceded by history of fever and burning sensation over penis ... However, I started feeling a pain in my abdomen and lower abdomen ... After four to five days of finishing the course, I still feel a pain in my lower abdomen (which I can feel in backside of the abdomen also) … View thread

Is my lower abdominal pain pointing towards Crohn's disease?

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Hi doctor, I had severe abdominal pain with diarrhea a month back ... The lower abdominal discomfort did not disappear and the stool has not formed yet ... The next day pain subsided, but slight discomfort was there for two weeks … View thread