Nothing seems to help my allergic rhinitis. What should I do?

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Hello doctor, I have been diagnosed with allergic rhinitis ... When we know we are allergic to some substance, the best way to avoid allergy is to stay away from it … View thread

What can be done for allergic rhinitis?

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Hello doctor,I have allergic rhinitis ... Thank you doctor, I want to cure allergic rhinitis permanently … View thread

What could be the best medicine for allergic rhinitis?

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Hi, I am currently using Duonase nasal spray and Odimont LC for the allergic rhinitis ... For allergic rhinitis, topical steroids are to be taken … View thread

My 3.3 year old son has allergic rhinitis. Can I use Budecord inhaler?

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Last year, he had three episodes of allergic rhinitis and one episode of allergic conjunctivitis ... We found out that he is allergic to dust mites, oranges, and mutton ... He has no episode which has started with a cough directly, so somehow I feel it is the rhinitis that is not controlled … View thread

Can herbal capsules be given with allopathic medicine for child with allergic rhinitis?

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Hello doctor, My daughter aged 9 years has been suffering from allergic rhinitis for the last few years ... See, the tablet Montek LC (Montelukast and Levocetirizine) is an anti-allergic medicine and stop the histamines from releasing in the body … View thread

I have nose block problem for the past one month. Is it due to sinus?

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You have allergic rhinitis along with a benign nasal polyp which is usually seen in patients with prolonged allergic rhinitisView thread

I experience severe breathlessness when I walk a bit. What could be the cause?

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I had allergic rhinitis and experienced a cycle of it in the last two months ... All complaints except allergic rhinitis appear to be related to anxiety and depression … View thread

Is it safe to use Flonase daily?

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I am allergic to pollen and I seem to get allergic reactions randomly even outside the allergy season ... You are experiencing allergic rhinitisView thread

Nose block increases suddenly with chilled food and cold wind. Please advise.

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You are suffering from allergic rhinitis, which is a chronic condition and is aggravated by cold and foods to which the patient is allergicView thread

My child has pain over the eyebrow which gets better after a nap. Why?

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It could be sinusitis with allergic rhinitisView thread