Antenatal USG showed mild ventriculomegaly of fetus. What to do further?

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Hi doctor,My antenatal USG done at 20 weeks of pregnancy showed mild ventriculomegaly of 92 mm at the level of the atria of the lateral ventricles of the fetus … View thread

Is it fine to take Metronidazole and Tergynan during pregnancy?

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There are medications those can be advised in pregnancy as, during the antenatal period, many symptoms could occur that need to be treated … View thread

Cancer in Pregnancy: a Multifaceted dilemma

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... being diagnosed during pregnancy has increased because of delayed child-bearing age, advanced imaging techniques during antenatal care, and the known occurrence of age- ... … View thread

Lower abdominal pain and spotting with a positive pregnancy test. Should I be worried?

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Routine antenatal investigations are needed … View thread

I am 18 weeks pregnant and I am wondering why am I not able to feel any movements.

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You may wait another week and then go for your antenatal visit and get an ultrasound scan done … View thread

I am pregnant, and I went into a temperate pool, which was 98 F. Will it affect my baby?

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Make sure you take your antenatal vitamins throughout pregnancy ... Keep taking antenatal vitamins and get level 2 ultrasound done at 20 weeks ... I went for five minutes, and now I am so scared ... Take careView thread

Will exercise or diet help me in normal delivery?

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You can have a normal diet and regular antenatal exercises till then … View thread

My wife got pregnant after taking Unwanted 72. Is the baby going to be normal?

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The normal growth of the baby in the scan or antenatal examination only means that the baby's health is strong enough to resist all the hurdles ... So, I mean to say that even if you do not do anything for the baby, God will take care of it and deliver all that is required from the mother's body … View thread

Being pregnant, suffering from pain in lower abdomen and back. Is it labour pain?

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As the baby is 36 weeks sonologically there was actually no requirement for an antenatal corticosteroid injection for promoting fetal lung maturity, which is being given only before 34 weeks gestation in cases of threatened preterm labour when it is suspected that the lady may go in labour and the baby may not be able to breathe once out in external environment … View thread

I married my first cousin. Will my child be affected genetically?

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There are plenty of antenatal tests available to diagnose diseases while baby is in utero ... What are the things we need to take care off ... I am not trying to scare you but if there is any familial disease in your family it would be good to get it checked in early pregnancy … View thread