Is it possible to remove large kidney stones with ayurvedic medicines alone? - Answered in Ayurveda Specialist

The urologist said that the left kidney enlargement is biological, suggested surgery, but with advice from elders at home, he went for ayurvedic medicines ... As per the report, he was diagnosed with kidney stones ... Left kidney 26 mm in lower pole with enlarged kidney stone 213 by 116 mm ... Stones daily 2+2 morning and evening … View thread »

Can ayurveda treatment dissolve kidney stones of size 1.2 cm which is in the right UV junction? - Answered in Ayurveda Specialist

My ultrasound scan shows 12 cm kidney stone in the right UV junction ... An ayurveda doctor says that I should take Stonex and Cystone tablets for two to three weeks and the kidney stone will disintegrate and pass through urine ... Cystone and other ayurveda medications can help only the smaller stones to expel out of the kidney ... Some stones are made up of calcium carbonate and some are made up of uric acid, etc … View thread »

Which medicine in ayurveda is recommended to remove a 26 mm kidney stone? - Answered in Ayurveda Specialist

Cystone and Calcuri (Ayurvedic tablets) can be taken ... Hello doctor, In my left kidney, there are multiple stones ... And I have got my kidneys operated two times ... This will give the type of stonesView thread »

What are the Ayurveda medicines to remove kidney stones? - Answered in Ayurveda Specialist

Is there any ayurvedic medicine to treat kidney stones ... Renal calculus can be removed easily by ayurvedic medicines ... Hi doctor, I have two tiny kidney stones of size 3 mm in my left kidneyView thread »

How do we detect kidney stones? - Answered in Urology

At that point, I started on ayurvedic medicine (Calcury) ... I have been suffering from kidney stones since the age of 15 ... But in the last seven to eight months, I had been suffering from recurrent UTIs and mild pain in the kidney ... Mostly the stones would go away on their own without causing any pain … View thread »

How to get rid of my kidney stone naturally? - Answered in Ayurveda Specialist

Hello doctor,I have a kidney stone of 44 mm at the joint of the left side kidney to the ureter ... I also have a mild swelling in my left kidney, while the kidney function test is normal … View thread »

Kidney Stones: Causes, Management and Prevention - Published in Kidney and Urologic Diseases

Ayurvedic Remedies:        Ayurveda suggests chandraprabha vati, punarnava guggulu and gokshuradi guggulu for kidney stones ... Consult an ayurveda specialist online to know more about ayurvedic management of kidney stones ... What is a Kidney Stone ... Kidney stones (renal calculi) are hard mineral deposits like calcium, oxalate and phosphorus that form inside the kidneys ... A minute stone may pass on its own, causing little or no pain, while stones more than 3mm of size gets stuck in ureters and block the flow of urine, causing severe pain or bleeding … View thread »

Will my PCOD get cured with homeopathy treatment? - Answered in Homeopathy

Many people say that there will be a problem in kidney if we take siddha or ayurveda medicine ... We can always track out kidney function by just checking urea and creatinine in blood, as well as protein in urine … View thread »