My blood test came positive for yeast. Should I be concerned? - Answered in General Medicine

Several days later, I received a call from the ER department and they informed me that my blood tested positive for yeast and suggested a follow up with my MD ... Since the blood culture was a few months back and you had a symptom free period, I do not think that the present symptoms are due to previous bloodstream infection … View thread »

Please suggest me an antibiotic to get rid of cellulitis. - Answered in Internal Medicine

Please get your blood sugar checked and send a blood cultureView thread »

Can my 3 year old son lead a normal life after sepsis? - Answered in Paediatrics

Sepsis means infection in the blood ... If the investigations like CBC (complete blood count), urine culture, blood culture, CRP (C-reactive protein) are normal, it means that the child has been treated for this infection … View thread »

What medicines can be given to a 4-year-old child to treat occult sepsis? - Answered in Paediatrics

(white blood cell) count is quite high ... It is advisable to do a blood culture also to find out what organism has affected her ... So, the doctor on our request sent her for blood culture, malaria rapid and dengue,  … View thread »

How would I know if I have listeria? - Answered in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Besides symptoms, a blood culture is the most ideal way of diagnosis of listeria … View thread »

After the first chemotherapy session for CLL, my dad has a persistent fever. Why? - Answered in Hematology

He had no symptoms other than the high blood cell count and was doing regular checkups every six months ... Recently, his hemoglobin level dropped a lot (around 3 to 4 g/dL), white blood cell count was very high, he also had a high percentage of antibodies in his blood ... He underwent blood tests, x-rays, scans, hemoculture, etc ... Blood culture and other scan reports are normal as per history … View thread »

Noticed redness, swelling and pain in the arm after popping a blister in a Meth addict. What to do? - Answered in Internal Medicine

He needs antibiotics and blood test ... He will need a hemogram test, and blood culture to look for the extent of infection … View thread »

My 9 month old son is suffering from low platelet count. Please help. - Answered in Hematology

We admitted him immediately and done blood platelet transfusion (100 ml) ... Further workup can be done in the form of CRP (C- reactive protein) estimation, blood culture, and flow cytometry to rule out congenital thrombocytopenia causes … View thread »

I need a second opinion regarding my daughter's fever treatment. Please guide me. - Answered in Child Health

The blood culture done before starting Ceftriaxone showed Staphylococcus growth with 50 thousand colonies ... The blood culture which showed Staphylococcus is most probably a contaminant because a Staphylococcus infection spreads very rapidly ... Urine culture showed enterococcus faecium, but repeat test came negative … View thread »

For uncontrolled diabetes, is Glycomet-GP2 better than Glycomet-GP3? - Answered in General Practitioner

All the blood reports are negative ... He is a known diabetic since 20 years and his blood sugar is not under control ... Tablet Ofloxacin is a broad spectrum antibiotic against most bacterial infections and if his fever is not improving and blood culture and sensitivity is not showing any organism then probably he is having a parasitic infection or a viral infection … View thread »

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