How can pacemaker affect arrythmia? - Answered in Cardiology

The rate in AF is controlled with beta blockers, calcium channel blocker or Digoxin … View thread »

Do beta blockers cause hair thinning? - Answered in Cardiology

It is given after calcium channel blockers (Amlodipine), ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitors (Telmisartan) and Hydrochlorothiazide fails ... Does beta blockers cause hair thinning ... Firstly, just for hypertension, now beta blockers are not given as a first line medicine … View thread »

Can Enalapril cause psychosis with auditory hallucinations? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Anyway, you change Enalapril to some other antihypertensive tablets like Calcium channel blockers or beta blockers and see the change ... If it is not improving with above medicine change, you have to evaluate further by getting a thyroid function test (hypo or hyperthyroidism), hemoglobin (Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia or iron deficiency) and calcium level with serum phosphorous (hyperparathyroidism- high calcium and parathyroid hormone) … View thread »

What is the cause of chills and vomiting while taking medicines for hypertension? - Answered in Cardiology

patient suddenly feels chills all over the body after taking a beta blocker, calcium channel blocker, Clopidogrel, Aspirin, and Atorvastatin … View thread »

Though the cholesterol is normal, is it necessary to take Ecosprin AV? - Answered in Cardiology

As you know beta blocker and calcium channel blockers are usually given in such patients ... I read on the internet and beta blockers are given for LAD bridging, but this doctor have not given it now … View thread »

I am suffering from ED. Is it due to BP drugs? - Answered in Cardiology

I suggest you switch to ACE inhibitors such as Lisinopril with or without calcium channel blockers ... Yes, some ARBs (angiotensin receptor blockers) can cause ED as a side effect and also Thiazide diuretics, which is present in your medication … View thread »

What medicine should I avoid while taking Lithium and Quetiapine? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Medications for high blood pressure such as ACE - angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, diuretics and calcium channel blockersView thread »

I have palpitations and high BP.There is problem in my complete lipid profile.Please help. - Answered in General Medicine

Tablet Embeta-AM is a combination of cardioselective beta blocker and calcium channel blocker that will reduce your blood pressure better than tablet Amlong which you were taking earlier … View thread »

Is an anion gap of 20 mmol/L bad? - Answered in Internal Medicine

The BUN was less than 3, ionized calcium was 111 and low creatinine ... Also, ionized calcium is a bit lower but still normal ... Continue medicine like beta blockers like Metoprolol or calcium channel blockers like Diltiazem … View thread »

Kindly suggest me a therapy to overcome fatigue and body pain. - Answered in Internal Medicine

Only in severe cases, calcium channel blockers like Nifedipine are used … View thread »

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