My face is red and inflamed after a chemical peel I did myself. Please help.

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Moreover persistent or long-term erythema is a well-known side effect of deeper peels which usually goes away with time and with some help from topical steroids … View thread

I am having acne for longer period. Will chemical peel be helpful in treating acne and its scar?

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I was looking into a chemical peel because I was told it would make your face produce less sebum in addition to inducing collagen production ... Salicylic acid peels do work well for acne and oily skin when applied correctly ... Chemical peels even help to lighten your post-acne pigmentation … View thread

General Concepts of Chemical Peeling

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Chemical peeling is an application of a chemical agent to the skin to cause a controlled chemical burn ... Uses of Chemical Peeling: Chemical peeling is often used to treat melasma, freckles, fine lines under the eye and around the mouth, mild to moderate photodamage … View thread

Can microdermabrasion and glycolic acid peel make my skin look darker?

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Would it be a chemical peel side effect ... Microdermabrasion and chemical peel are the procedures to improve skin texture … View thread

What are the effective ways to regain the complexion of tanned skin?

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However, there are many effective ways to regain the fair complexion using depigmentation creams, chemical peels, lasers, etc … View thread

Which medicine should I take for patchy beard?

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For additional skin whitening, you require skin treatment like skin whitening chemical peels and laser sessions to be honest … View thread

Why is my facial skin darker than the rest of the body?

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Alternatively, you could visit your dermatologist for chemical peels like Lactic acid or Glycolic acid peelsView thread

What would you recommend for red acne scars?

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You may require chemical peels, micro-needling, or lasers ... I have combination skin I believe because my forehead tends to be super dry to where it peels, and my nose gets oily … View thread

Hydroquinone creams are giving me only temporary skin lightening. Why?

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There are procedures like chemical peels, Q-switch Nd YAG laser and Glutathione injection that you can get from a dermatologist to get a clearer skin tone … View thread