Is my nasal allergy pointing to rhinitis?

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Your symptoms point towards chronic rhinosinusitis superimposed or worsened by allergy … View thread

I have a continuous post-nasal drip and a very sore throat. What is going on?

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You seem to suffer from chronic rhinosinusitis that is producing constant post-nasal drip from the sinonasal membranes … View thread

I have blocked and running nose even after having medications. Kindly help.

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Chronic nasal obstruction should be evaluated thoroughly there may be many reasons like chronic rhinosinusitis, deviated septum, allergy, etc … View thread

What is the treatment for granular pharyngitis and tonsillitis?

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Granular pharyngitis occurs because of chronic irritation to the pharynx ... It is commonly seen in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis, smokers, and nowadays, one of the most common cause for granular pharyngitis is laryngopharyngeal reflux disorder … View thread

Can I take Nasonex and Zyrtec for sinus block?

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If the problem is getting repeated and present for more than three months, then it is prudent to get a CT scan of paranasal sinuses to rule out any polyp or a chronic rhinosinusitis … View thread

I frequently have cold-like symptoms which are gone the next day. What is going on?

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Your case seems quite likely to be chronic rhinosinusitis due to allergies or frequent cold ... Attacks of allergic rhinosinusitis may be accompanied by flu-like symptoms even body aches … View thread

Why do I have trouble pronouncing words and restricted voice due to mucus in throat?

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That means you have a thick, sticky mucus interfering with your speech, which may be due to sinusitis, chronic pharyngitis, gastro-esophageal reflux disease or environmental factors like cigarette smoke or dust ... For example, chronic rhinosinusitis is treated with antibiotics, antihistaminics (like Cetirizine), nasal sprays, etc … View thread

Post-Nasal Drip Associated with Sinusitis

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It is invariably related to chronic rhinosinusitis and is common in people who are prone to allergy or with a family history of atopy or asthma … View thread

Sinusitis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Frequent attacks of sinusitis for over three months, also known as chronic sinusitis, result in the thickening of the mucosal membranes and an excess production of nasal and sinus secretions ... Nasal polyps and deviated nasal septum are by far, the commonest causes of chronic rhinosinusitis ... by wearing masks or avoiding contact with mold spores or animal dander can significantly decrease the attacks of rhinosinusitis ... Sinusitis is defined as inflammation of the mucosal lining of the sinus passages … View thread

I would like to have the best treatment for constant running nose.

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Next, constant running nose can be due to nasal polyps, chronic sinusitis, inverted papilloma, nasal malignancy, deviated nasal septum, etc ... Allergic rhinitis Ethmoidal polyposis Chronic hypertrophic rhinitis Chronic rhinosinusitis Inverted papilloma Nasal malignancy Hi doctor, I got those two tests done and the results are, absolute eosinophil count is 189 and serum IgE is 179 … View thread