How to avoid cold and flu after winter workout?

- Answered in Internal Medicine

I am currently living in a country where the climate is very cold and dark ... This weekend I am currently with cold and flu ... Also, exposure to extremely cold temperature affects you in many ways and can cause frost nip (first stage of frostbite), trench foot (prolonged exposure of feet to cold) and frostbite (damage to skin due to cold), chilblains (itchy swelling in hands due to blood vessel inflammation) and last but not the least hypothermia (low body temperature) … View thread

Am I suffering from any thyroid disorder?

- Answered in Internal Medicine

Do you have any other symptoms like constipation, mood changes, intolerance to cold temperatures, hair loss, increased fatigue and dry skin … View thread

I have redness and burning sensation in my face. Is it curable?

- Answered in Dermatology

The common triggering factors are hot or cold temperatures, wind, hot drinks, caffeine, exercise, spicy food, alcohol, emotions, and topical products … View thread

I recovered from left side paralysis. Why do I face difficulty in left leg while walking?

- Answered in Physiotherapy

When I move from an average temperature to cold temperature, I started to have pain in my left leg fingers ... Keep yourself warm by wearing socks and avoid exposure to cold ... Pain in cold temperature occurs due to decreased blood flow to the foot … View thread

The skin on my lips are dry and turn dark as if they are dead. What is my condition called?

- Answered in Dermatology

And avoid exposure to sun, dry atmosphere, and cold temperature ... Keep the lip moisturized, use any cold cream or any good moisturizer frequently on the lip … View thread

My wife has urticaria. Please help.

- Answered in Dermatology

Physical urticaria can occur due to cold temperature, heat, dermographism, etc … View thread

I have recurrent problem of acidity and throat pain. Please help.

- Answered in Internal Medicine

You need to avoid the trigger whatever it may be such as dust, molds, pollen, indoor allergens, pets, perfumes, fumes, pollution, incense sticks and cold temperatureView thread

Why are my arm muscles shaking?

- Answered in General Practitioner

Avoid very hot or cold temperature changes … View thread


- Published in Infectious Diseases

It can usually grow in cold temperatures and it does not cause any change in appearance, smell or taste of contaminated food … View thread

How to prevent frequent episodes of tonsillitis?

- Answered in Otolaryngology (E.N.T)

Does the cold temperature affect the tonsils ... Some precautions to be taken are, Avoid dust, smoke and cold winds while travelling … View thread

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