Can mucosal polyp in maxillary sinus cause headache?

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It is chronic maxillary sinusitis secondary to mucosal polyp and so go for a CT paranasal sinus ... My doctor advised a CT scan and it is normal except for a mucosal polyp in the left maxillary sinusView thread

I have sore throat from two years. Please advise.

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CT paranasal sinuses … View thread

What is the treatment for sinusitis?

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But, if you have persisting sinusitis, you would require CT paranasal sinuses ... I have had several bouts of acute sinusitis in years past ... My illness had a sinus component featuring marked nasal and sinus congestion, postnasal drip, upper airway congestion and cough productive of clear sputum … View thread

Can brain tumor cause one-sided headache?

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CT brain and CT paranasal sinuses ... Based on what you have told, this is more likely to be due to sinusitis ... Sinuses are small air filled cavities in your skull bone … View thread

When I get cold, my sinus goes crazy and I get bloodshot eye. Please help me.

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Now, when I get the cold, my sinuses go crazy with running nose and bad eye watering ... Now also, when I get a cold and my sinuses are going crazy … View thread

How to prevent aerosinusitis?

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Aerosinusitis or barosinusitis (mucus membrane inflammation due to pressure difference within the sinus) is usually if there is mucosal hypertrophy in the paranasal sinuses ... I searched on the internet and got to know aerosinusitis or barosinusitis … View thread

Does the MRI of my head show any TMJ problem?

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I have gone through the reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity) Can you please send me CT of paranasal sinuses, facial bones, inner ear, and neck ...  I wanted to ask, do my sinuses show any abnormality or thickening ... MRI of the head showed thickening of mucosa in sinuses, but it does not say how bad … View thread

Dust and perfume make me cough. How can I get better?

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For that, we require the images of a CT scan of the paranasal sinuses and a blood investigation namely serum IgE ... Hello doctor,Since many years, I am facing a sinusitis problem ... The sinustis got worse and I visited a doctor who prescribed me with a course of Fexet, Klaricid, and Ventek … View thread

What could be the possible reason for pain on my face?

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Do you have a CT scan of your paranasal sinus (PNS) ...  I am also suffering from sinus and taking Sinarest and antibiotic … View thread

I have a headache and nasal stuffiness. What could be my problem?

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Please get an X-ray of the paranasal sinuses done and send me the picture ... Get a CT scan of the paranasal sinuses done to see the condition of the other sinuses ...  It has something highlighted in my maxillary sinusView thread