Why is there a skin discoloration in my back? - Answered in Internal Medicine

I have seen the top neurologists in my country, taken all the drugs and Botox variants and even considered deep brain stimulation ... The remaining two treatment options that you have not tried are deep brain stimulation and sensory trick, which is a stimulation applied to the affected or nearby body part that may reduce the muscle contractions, by simply touching this area and people can control their own contractions … View thread »

After DBS, I am getting violent myoclonus attack. Is it due to Clonazepam? - Answered in Neurology

Hi doctor, After deep brain stimulation surgery for generalized dystonia 18 months ago, I have developed mild startle myoclonus a fortnight later and was prescribed 05 mg Clonazepam … View thread »

My dad had a seizure-like attack after a DBS surgery. Can it be treated? - Answered in Neurology

Hello doctor, My father had undergone deep brain stimulation surgery for Parkinson's six months ago ... Get an MRI brain done ... I have been visiting his neurosurgeon to fine tune the stimulationView thread »

Brain Stimulation Techniques in Psychiatry - Published in Emotional and Mental Health

The only exceptions to this are deep brain stimulation (DBS) and vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) ... Deep brain stimulation (DBS) ... Brain stimulation therapy is a broad term that encompasses a set of techniques used to stimulate brain cells … View thread »

What are the recommended procedures to reach brain by a neurosurgeon? - Answered in Neurology

Deep brain stimulation in different parts of basal ganglia, used for movement disorders ... Hello doctor, What are the ways a neurosurgeon can get to someone's brain ... Regarding your concern, I would explain that there are a lot of ways that a neurosurgeon can reach the brain: 1 ... Vagal nerve stimulation used in epilepsy … View thread »

Parkinson's Disease: Historical Aspects and Current Treatment Approaches - Published in Emotional and Mental Health

However, these procedures have been replaced by what is called Deep Brain Stimulation, or DBS ... Management of the Illness Modern brain imaging techniques include MRI (functional magnetic resonance), DWI (diffusion weighted imaging) and DAT (dopamine transporter) imaging scans … View thread »

Am I Depressed? Warning Signs - Published in Emotional and Mental Health

Also, newer modalities of treating depression like repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) or deep brain stimulation (DBS) are also in research … View thread »

Treat Tachycardia (increased heart rate) with Home Remedies!! - Published in Heart & Circulatory Health

Relaxation techniques are yoga (concentrate in breathing in and breathing out), meditation, biofeedback (meditation through positive visual feedback), deep breathing techniques ... Signs and Symptoms of Tachycardia Presence of palpitations (strong and irregular pulse which is palpated on chest), mild to severe chest pain, headache, breathing difficulties, dizziness, anxiety and syncope (patient may become unconscious due to less blood flow to brain) are the most common symptoms of tachycardia ... Causes of Tachycardia The most common causes of tachycardia are stimulation of the heart by the sympathetic nerves, increased body temperature by fever and toxic conditions of the heart … View thread »

How to handle a schizoaffective disorder patient? What are the best treatment options? - Answered in Andrology

Is brain stimulation technique such as rTMS and other techniques helpful to cure auditory hallucination ... As the patient had done hair transplant twice before the disease four years back, which of the following test will be of some importance: MRI, PET or other brain tests ... rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) and other brain stimulation techniques are of limited help, provided there is no response or inadequate response with the other modes of treatment … View thread »

I had ovulatory dysfunction. Can you suggest a way for me to start a family? - Answered in Infertility

As the number of eggs from the ovary keep depleting, the brain has to repeatedly order the ovaries to release the best of the leftover eggs ... With good stimulations, you should get two to five good eggs and the doctor can control the trigger to ovulate it ... So, go ahead with stimulation and hope for the best … View thread »

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