I never had an injury. Why do I still have persistent back pain? - Answered in Rheumatology

On the cervical spine MRI, it stated that I had a narrowing of the canal with degenerative disc disease with no spinal cord abnormality ... You have degenerative disc disease involving both cervical and dorsal spines ... They stated I had three bulging discs and an annular tear … View thread »

Can you look into my back MRI and tell me what I should do next? - Answered in Neurology

The attached MRI report indicates that there is a degenerative disc disease ... I had a discotomy 17 years ago and have had ongoing pain since but never lasted this long … View thread »

I have lower back pain. What does my MRI indicate? - Answered in Spine Surgery

Along with this, you have also mentioned about your MRI reports (attachments removed to protect patient identity) which show degenerative disc disease at multiple levels ...  Posterior disc bulge with annular tear, moderate to severe stenosis of both neural foramina and mild stenosis of both lateral recesses at L3-L4 … View thread »

What is the issue with my upper back? - Answered in Spine health

It looks like you have axial neck pain arising from degenerative disc disease at multiple levels from C3 to C6 ... Degenerative changes in neck due to postural habits and possible sedentary lifestyle ... Let us discuss your neck and lower back separately ... C3 to C6 degenerative disc disease with axial neck pain and possible acute neck spasm … View thread »

Would it be better to get steroid injection before ablation for neck pain? - Answered in Neuro surgery

Bulging discs, C6-C7 and C5-C6 osteophytes and severe bilateral stenosis and typical degenerative disc diseaseView thread »

Please explain my MRI report in layman's term. - Answered in Neuro surgery

At C4-C5 there is degenerative disc disease with disc space narrowing ... The impression is reported as degenerative changes and focal disc protrusion at C4-C5 and C5-C6 ... There is a broad-based focal disc protrusion extending from the right to the left lateral recess with associated bilateral uncovertebral joint hypertrophy right greater than left causing predominantly right-sided foraminal stenosis … View thread »

I have been having neck pain since I met with an accident. Please help. - Answered in Spine health

The results are as follow: Multilevel degenerative disc disease with straightening of lordosis ... Multilevel bulging and spondylotic ridging with superimposed disc osteophyte complexes at C4-C5 and C5-C6, central herniation at C3-C4 and multilevel luschka hypertrophy with foraminal encroachment … View thread »

What is the treatment for facet hypertrophy? - Answered in Orthopedics and Traumatology

Degenerative disc diseaseView thread »

What is causing back pain in me? - Answered in Physiotherapy

Degenerative disc disease ... Therefore, I was wondering if in your opinion do you think this would be a problem regarding a strain of a muscle or a disc problem in my lower spine … View thread »

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